7 Japanese classics invading the 2019 Amelia Island auctions

As ’80s and ’90s cars continue to heat up in the collector market, Japanese sports cars from this era are experiencing a major renaissance. Today’s buyers remember these stylish and technologically innovative dynamos from when they were just kids playing Gran Turismo, but these tuner favorites are now gaining traction as legitimate classics. Case in point: these seven Japanese classics that are sure to capture people’s attention at the 2019 Amelia Island auctions.

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There was an all-original 21K mile FD RX-7 Touring was for sale about 3 hours away from me in fly-over country. I was contacted by a prospective buyer on the east coast and hired to inspect it. It was real, fully history, right down to some small stickers left by the MAZDA dealership following a TSB. Beautiful car and the buyer would have been the 3rd owner. It even had the pre-cat still on it which was almost universally removed after warranty. That was five years ago, they were asking $20,000.