7 monster Mopar race cars from the Todd Werner collection

The mother lode of Hemi-powered Mopar race cars is going up for sale at Mecum’s 2019 Harrisburg sale when the Todd Werner collection hits the auction block July 31–August 3.

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When the number 3 automaker was showing who was Boss…The hemi legacy lives on today in Funny Car and Top Fuel Racing…

Wow! What a collection that represents all the uniqueness and innovation Chrysler had to offer. Stories and articles about cars like these are what made me a Mopar fan in the mid 80’s. In high school, I found an old 70 Challenger RT in the classifieds for $2k and still own it today.

Those estimates are as wild as the cars! If they’re indicative of the reserves there’s going to be a lot of “the bid goes on”.

They are mostly offered at no reserve, so bid away!

No mention of the '61-'62 413" Wedge “Ramchargers”, or the '63 426" MaxWedge “Ramchargers” that started all of MOPAR’S dominance, when stock was stock. Bunch of drag race crazy engineers.

Those 70 & 71 Plymouths are why NASCAR & Pro Stock were popular back then - the cars looked like what we could buy. Not today’s cartoon vehicles festooned with decals to tell us if it’s a Ford, Chevy, or Toyota.

Wow! Those estimates. They are truly unique and beautiful cars for sure but, It makes me wonder at the same time why the 3rd. generation chargers lag so far behind their siblings in value. I’ve found them to be quite affordable and they get a lot of attention at the shows.

In typical Hagerty fashion, that rather important tidbit of information was not mentioned in the article. :astonished:

I’ve been a Mopar fan since the 80s also because of cars like these. A big impact on my young teenage mind.
Last year I visited a friend in TN. His boss had an incredible collection of cars. He gave us a tour and my jaw hit the floor.

" some of the most iconic muscle cars ever built"
As cool as these cars are, none of them are “muscle cars.” They are all factory, or factory supplied race cars that you couldn’t walk into a showroom and buy no matter how much money you had - the antithesis of a “muscle car.” Muscle cars were created/invented just so the average guy could walk in and buy a smaller, relative lightweight, car with a big engine that would offer higher performance at a lower cost, like a '64 Beleveder with a 426 street wedge, or a standard Road Runner.
Everybody wants to own a “muscle car” these days so the term has been applied to whatever car an individual owns - making the term almost meaningless. Too bad

I would love to see pictures of your Challenger RT…send them to me in a private message