7 smart classics for under $7k


Before I go to bed at night I sit on the couch and peruse the online classifieds. I look through between 300–700 vehicle listings and take note of everything from values and trends to those random oddballs that I’d one day like to own.

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You forgot to mention 1985 to 1989 Merkur XR4TI. They fit right in there with the other 7.


I bought one years ago for my wife and she called it her taxi. Worked great for her picking up the kids from school. I did make it look better with 15x8 Vette rally wheels and a 2 tone paint. It looked just like the one pictured in the article, same green LOL


Regarding the headlights on the 78 & 79 Ford F Series pickups and Econoline vans. The 78 model year used the round 6024 headlight and the 79 was the first year for the square 6054 headlight regardless of the trim level.
Another fact about pickups is the F150 was introduced in 1975 as a 5/8 ton with a higher GVW than the F100 to eliminate the requirement for catalytic converters. Chevrolet also came out with their Heavy Half and I’m sure GMC and Dodge also had models with higher GVW ratings over the standard 1/2 ton pickup for the same reason.


Porsche 944 NA. Sexy, reliable and, while not fast, handles beautifully.


I’ right in the category picked up a 78 f-150 on ebay for 4900 in NE and had it shipped to AZ :slight_smile:


Just a question. How come there is no to little following for the larger cars like the 1973 up Malibu’s and Monte Carlos? At every show, I see 1 after 1973 for every 5 or 6 1968 - 1972’s. They need love too.


Bought this Magnum for $5500. Air still works, as does the cruise, etc. Only thing changed was the 20-30 y/o tires. Love these cars. I have 4 of them.


I do love my SR5 Toyota! Bought her for $3500, put $1200 into a fiberglass bed, $2200 into paint, and another $500 into misc repairs. $7400 well spent…she sure turns heads!


Few months ago i picked up 1986 TVR 280i…under 5k…and i can’t get enough of this car!! cheers!


too many imports on this list. have no interest.
Bought a 78 Merc Monarch 302/4-speed A/C Car for $ 4k


1977-78 were 280Z, not ZX, which was introduced as a 1980 in 1979,


My 1965 Corvair Corsa - reasonably affordable. 4 speed with 4 carbs.


My 77 Ford F-150 Custom Explorer…pu9


Thats where I started…got a bit older and had a little money that needed spending and POOOOF…a classic I should of had when it was new…We chased downed an almost original 1989 Mustang GT convertible in 2009…and the story is still unfolding…we paid 4,100 dollars at a Lincoln Mercury dealership that had it listed for 6,000 on their lot but I noticed it on a internet add for 4.100 and we drove it home about 2 days later…The bad thing about buying it was I was looking during the end of December…353-e1ca26047423efed2129d7a3ffd2df7a 358-6fd7f8e2956a7c1e0eafa900912a9b6c

The picture in the garage was Day One , the other was on my driveway a few years later…note the changes in her appearance…I tried,it won’t let me make the pictures any bigger… : (


Don’t forget the hopefully up and coming Porsche 944 NA… especially the earlier ones 83-85.
Pictured is my 1983.


With Alfa back in the U.S. , I think these will be going up …


This is a 64 Riviera I bought in Ontario, Canada for Can$4800 (Aboout US$4k) It is the 425 CI with 465 foot pounds and about 360 hp. It is exactly as I bought it here. I searched for about 6 months to choose a cool muscle car. Was not interested in pony cars, camaros, or any run of the mill whips.

This car has posi, and actually has a name plate for the original owner, Edna Miller, who bought it from the proceeds of the first book she had published.

This is the video I saw linked from the original ad on Kijiji (Classifieds)



You wrote: “Just a question. How come there is no to little following for the larger cars like the 1973 up Malibu’s and Monte Carlos?”

You are exactly right! I owned a '73 Monte Carlo years ago and it was a wonderful car. Not much power but a great driving and riding car. And last year I was at a big cruise-in when a guy came rumbling in there in a bright red '73-'77 Malibu. Everyone took notice and went over to look. It was a '77 and he claimed his dad bought it new. But boy they must have spent a fortune on this car taking it to the level it was. The paint was beyond belief, the interior all new, just everything on the car was perfect. Then the owner lifted the hood and it had a 454 Chevrolet big block in it! He told us it didn’t come with the 454 but they wanted lots of power so they replaced the 350 with this engine. And one other oddity about the car was that it was a factory 4-speed car. Wow! The car had a very original look to it but yet it was obvious this was no stock Malibu.

My point is that this car received more attention than probably any other car there and there were around 600 cars present. So that should tell you these cars’ time has come. And I’m glad.


This is a picture of $5K worth of full sized Bronco that I bought about a year ago. The truck looks as good inside as it does outside and I don’t have to explain to anyone why I’m driving it (see '70 Chrysler Newport above).