7 smart classics for under $7k


@ragtop69 - Love that color combination!


Thanks for the reply. I have a 1974 Malibu Automatic with a 454, 350 Turbo Trans. I have taken it to Cruises in my state of NY and I do get many people look at my car. The 454 helps push my near 5,000 pound car, and it is a blast to drive. Hopefully, more of these cars come around.




All in for 90s Mercedes Benzes! This SL500 cost a mere $1200…a little, very minor tinkering, Pelican Parts, and Hagerty, and bingo, another kool klassic saved from the krusher and driving around! There’re a couple SLs for sale on Albany CL for under $7K!


I bought this 1969 impala custom coupe with a 327 v8 for exactly $7000. There were so many impalas made that they are pretty cheap to buy unless u looking for an SS. It’s actually a daily driver!


Love my '70 Electra limited. Searched all over the U.S. for one and found this rust free 43,000 original mile desert survivor in L.A. for $5700. Flew out with my girlfriend and drove it 2038 miles home without one problem. The 455 bigblock never broke a sweat up the mountains as other 90’s and 2000 era cars were overheating on the side of the road. Needs new interior and a paintjob 5 to 10 years but everything else is tip top!



What about The ESI-r Starion? Not many still around…


Awesome Monarch!!!

I got this beauty for $2550 on ebay. Guy did not put a reserve on it!!


Back in 2003 I purchased a running, driving, state inspected 1975 Dodge Monaco 4 door sedan for $400 and turned it into a “Bluesmobile” replica. A buddy of mine from our church really wanted the 1998 Ford Contour SVT that I had picked up (as a flip) at a local auction that I was using as my daily, so I decided to drive The Bluesmobile for “a couple of weeks” until I found something else… 13 YEARS later, I was still driving the car around southeast Virginia as a daily - ALL day, EVERY day, not just on sunny & dry days either!
We had a BLAST driving that thing down the interstate every day at 70 mph with the AC and the satellite radio playing BB King’s Bluesville… I used to say that “it drives like my living room” and in the 13 years that it was my daily it never let me down or on the side of the road (even with over 250K miles on the clock!).
That stupid car would get looks at traffic lights, getting gas was almost always a half hour stop for photos & conversations with people. My wife would get “Nice car ma’am!” from the M-16 toting sentries at the gate for the military installation where she worked when I needed to drive her truck for something. It eventually led to me and some friends dressing up as the Blues Brothers, and that led to us having an 8 piece band… Google “Shotgun Blues Brotherhood” some time. There is a YouTube video of the car and our band from back in about 2013 or so.
My car at an event we did for the Marines and their work with “Toys for Tots”…


Have you had this at the MoPar Nationals?


I’ll second the 944, but would recommend sticking to the '85-1/2 and later, with their much improved suspension and interiors. Here in Colorado, you can pick up a fully restored '87 for $4400. That’s what I got for mine this past summer after I spent a year and a half restoring it, and I felt lucky to have sold it for that much…


That Starion Turbo was it for me till I tried setting in one…LOLI love those rims and the fender flares…great looking car!!!


that’s a super good price and an awesome ride


I started my VW interest with a 67 Type 3. That was a big money restoration. But my 63 Bug has been a lot of fun. Fun to drive, fun to show and to restore. Although it’s not complete, I have less than $7k into it and enjoy every minute I’m crammed in it.image|666x500


That is beautiful!! Had a red one and regret selling it. It was a blast.


picked up my 80 2+2 5speed ZX in your suggested price range. Got it in February with 113 and now has 118k. Still “awsome” after all these years.


Thanks for the encouragement. Those were heady times for Mitsubishi: they had penned a relationship with Chrysler and the 2.6 engine was in just about every Chrysler car for a time. There is a bit of a legend that the 2.6 had two counter-rotating shafts to cancel harmonics on the “thumper-4”! I was once told that Mitsubishi licensed that design to Porsche…but have not been able to verify. Do you know anything of this???

For a time there were numerous Starions and Conquests running about. This is my one-owner…one of the first in Atlanta of the ESI-r design. I had a 1982 “flat body” with the “tech pack” of 15" wheels (imagine!) and a limited slip. When this car arrived…there was no question! It’s a survivor car…not perfect…but the history is clear.

Be well, ed


NO, sorry…I have know other knowledge on the car, I was just in awe of the looks of the car at the time, both the Conquest and the Starion should have done something a bit greater for the auto industry…mid to late 80’s when just about everything with a GM brand and the same with Ford and all its siblings just had the save look but different badging… I’m sure when you show up to a car show and even before you get out…the eyes are already on your car…as the same for the Dodge Stealth and The Mitsubishi 3000 GT…just stunning designs for that sad era…


I like my Imperial. Big, comfy, and no one know what the hell it is.


I know a guy who has a Conquest in his garage that he bought brand new and drove a couple years, got in a minor fender bender and it’s been sitting there ever since. White with a black interior. I should give him a call. They are out there.


that’s pretty dope. do you get it undercoated?