7 smart classics for under $7k


It was pretty well undercoated already, I did spray the wheel wells though.


l picked this up in March '18 from a doctor $6300. lt is a 73,000 mile '87 with the A/T and the L98. Vettes are good to buy if you can find a nice one at the bottom of the value curve. Liked ron.davies Riviera. l had a '63 and it was a great well balanced car to drive!


Thanks for the love. I have a 1974 Malibu that I bought in May in NJ. The car has had extensive work done with a 454 in it. Fast as hell. I love it, I had the same car as my first car that my parents bought me back in 1985. That had a 350 and was quick but nowhere close to this one.


is it the frank sinatra edition