7 sweet bargains from the 2019 Amelia Island auctions


With vehicles selling for an average price of $247,906 at the 2019 Amelia Island auctions, it wasn’t easy for budget-minded mortals to find a deal. Yes, as always, the pockets run deep at Amelia. However, at any auction it’s inevitable that a few cars will slip through the cracks and into the hands of a savvy collector.

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Considering that ANY “collectible” vehicle will start at $10K for a project these were not out of bounds.


It probably cost more to travel and stay at the hotel for the auction than some of these cars sold for. LOL


I wonder if this is further evidence of the collapse of the collector
car market as collectors begin to die off.


Howard, I agree, buy what you like to drive. That said, a lot of the market softness is caused by what I call “Used car lot” cars coming to auction. The truly fine examples still bring good results. These are the exception these days.



I wonder myself about the comment above about collectors dying off. Attending many car shows, Cars and Coffee’s along with vintage motorcycle shows I look around and see so many my age (late 50’s) and older attending these shows and have to wonder who is going to carry on with the hobby? Is the hobby becoming to expensive and exclusive or is the younger generation not as automobile crazy as we were? We took part and attended the Cars and Coffee at this past weekends Concours d’Elegance on Amelia Island and was amazed at the amount of cars that were pretty high end.


@jburke2662 - I would take the Cars and Coffee at Amelia Island with a grain of salt. Those are cars that the owners are at Amelia Island and want to go through the application process. Not a lot of young enthusiasts can afford to attend the Amelia Concours, and if the application process doesn’t accept their car it is hard to get motivated about going to an event you are not welcome at.


We have been entering the Cars and Coffee on Amelia for several years and have noticed the trend changing slowly from a good but small mixture of classic cars to much higher end cars. Perhaps you are right about location but our monthly Cars and Coffee in nearby Jacksonville shows this trend also.


Except for the “Thing” no cars here I would want in my garage at any price. Just not into elitist million dollar wannabe cars. I like honest real cars that people like my folks drove and loved. It’s OK for the people who like this stuff. Just not my thing.


Interesting about the valuations of the Merc and the Etype. In the UK an Auto E type is worth a lot less than a manual, and an Auto Merc is more desirable that a Manual. Seems the opposite is true in the USA ???


When is was a young…that seems like 20 minutes ago and I’m now 60, my mentor was deep in our hobby. He’s passed now, his name was Roy.
Roy have many cars come in and out of his garage but the one that hooked me was an ole '55 chev , two door post, 327 , with a 4 speed daily driver. It was perfect.
At 18 , I didn’t have any money but I’d hang around his garage until he would eventually throw me the keys. I’d bring it home and detail the heck out of it. Fix some little thing that was easily repaired, and then take it to the Chickenburger. I’d always return it in better shape than it had left in. One day I asked him why he let me drive it. He said, ‘’ if we don’t keep the young people in the hobby then our cars will get crushed and we won’t have a hobby". It’s old Porsche’s for me now and all of my sons friends can say they’ve all been in a Porsche 'cause you never know, you might hook one of them on our hobby for life with that one little drive down the street.


Well put, it’s all about introducing new blood and keeping the hobby alive! We were all introduced at one time by a family member or friends!


Same thing is happening to motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson. The traditional buyers are ageing out.

Young folks are simply less interested in expensive cars and motorcycles. Not interested in working on cars or bikes. More interested in electronics, technology, travel and eating out. Fewer commitments.

This trend will continue. 10 years from now it will be much greater.

Generally; don’t buy for investment reasons, buy because you enjoy owning, if that ownership turns out financially possitive, count your blessings.


Yeah, the hobby is dying. Guess you better sell me all your collectibles at rock bottom prices now before it is too late. I’ll go ahead and take 'em off your hands!


The sheer number of Jaguar e-Type cars on sale in the world surely has some relation to the sub-30k price, I guess…