7 tempting classics still under $10K


You don’t have to be rich to get into the collector car hobby, and even those on a tight budget have an almost dizzying amount of choices. Lots of driver-quality #3 (Good) condition classics are out there for under five figures. Some are getting more expensive, however, and not all the cars on this list may be cheap forever.

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I think you forgot this one…!


The Mercedes Benz E320 is a car you should grab when the opportunity presents itself. I have owned mine for 15 years now and it is one great vehicle. Comfortable, built like a tank, rides like a Rolls and is quite fast with a top end of 155 MPH. This Mercedes is a head turner and people who know and like Mercedes Benz want to talk about the car. The one problem that is noted in these
Mercedes is the head gasket likes to leak and the repair can be quite expensive if you lack the skill to repair it yourself. Otherwise it remains a great vehicle to own and drive. There is so much safety build into it - you will be amazed



I drove a 1961 Pontiac Starchief when I was a kid for a couple of years that sported a 389 cu in V8. Great motor that was really strong. It was sort of a mint green color going on aqua. Not sure what they called it. That picture of the Catalina body style reminds me of it.


1987 or 1988 Fiero GT does it for me under 10K. I’d get one but just have a spot for it (yet).


I have a '95 W124 cabriolet and eventhough I have not had it a very long time it has grown to have a special place in my garage. I really enjoy driving it and feel very lucky to have gotten the car from someone who took such great care of it prior to my getting the car.


That '69-'70 Grand Prix is beautiful! Unfortunately, finding one like that for under 10 grand is a toughy. I’m building a '70 myself.


I submit the BMW E34 1989-1995…Many engine and transmission options out there but there are still cool 540i/6 speeds, for example, out there to be had for less than 10k. A timeless design.


Odd list considering how many other vehicles are in the same category .
I buy and should sell quite a few classic cars and trucks over the past 11 years .
The only problem with Hagerty is the values are all based upon auction sales only. The majority of these cars are sold privately or by dealers.

AlwYs difficult to make and classic car value apples to allows without seeing , driving g and touching . A car May have the same exact description and image look the same on line . One may sell for 10,000 and the other one may be selling for 40,000


How about a Yugo? I have 2 and they are the talk of the car shows. People always are commenting on both of them… While they are not classics per say they do cause a lot of conversation and are fun to drive. Parts are available and if you find one they are very easy to work on.


How about a 62 180c you can get these at a good price and people pay for rides to get married.


$5000 - $8000 would buy a nice MGB. An MG Midget would likely cost $1500 - $3000 less. They give a lot of top down fun for the money and are easy to work on.


As normal, no Chrysler Producst mentioned ( this era Jeep wasn’t one at that time ). The late B bodied cars i.e. Magnum/Charger/Cordoba and the same-era F bodies (Aspen/Volare’) are also great cars on a budget. I don’t disagree with the choices mind you, but let’s expand the list to include others. I recently purchased a burgandy Magnum XE, estate car, and it has garnered several “unrestored” or “original” trophies. (if that’s your thing). Paid $5500 for it. Drive it regularly as well.


When I was much younger, and slightly more foolish, I came across a Olds Delta 98 Convertible, Gold, White Top, White Naugahyde Interior, double-parked outside a crappy bar in Brooklyn. I went in, and asked who owned the car. Some old guy, ‘Lippy’, the Bookmaker, said it’s mine, “You want it?”. I was 26 and said damn yeah. He threw me the keys and said “it’s yours, pay me when you can:” OK. I took them and driving that aircraft carrier-size hood car around old-time Brooklyn was a trip. All of the locals called me “Superfly”. Those days are gone. All of Brooklyn is unaffordable. But, I would Kill to have that car now. Olds 98, Convertible. I didn’t even know that it went higher than 88. Got one?


I’m on the same wavelength regarding your choices. I currently have 2 of the cars listed (the Benzes) and I had one of the others (62 Catalina).
Good model choices. May I also suggest the 1983-90 Porsche 944? Many still available under 10K, especially the NA (non turbo) models. 944s keep up with traffic but handle like a dream. Easy to work on, quite reliable if properly maintained, only going up in value. Also, 65-70 Ford Mustang coupes, 6 cyl. or V8. The original Pony Car, in the most popular version. A great entry into the clasdic car hobby.


Cue everyone complaining that the car THEY prefer isn’t listed… and the people who think the list should be longer, at least until they car they like is included.
Be careful with following these lists, however. The Trans Am GTA was listed as an “up and coming” and “soon to be hot” collector car… yet it’s nearly impossible to sell a low mile all original in very good condition for anything more than the cost of ANY car that passes inspection. Every time they claim a car will be hot on the market- it isn’t… and then they claim you can grab a great collectible for a good price- and there aren’t any around.


You wrote: " I think you forgot this one…!


I had a neighbor when I built my first house 40 years ago who had a black on black '69 Grand Prix Model SJ with a 428. I remember telling him one day that his car would be worth a lot of money some day, especially since it was an SJ and had the 428 engine. He said, “Oh really?” very casually and that was all the response I got. I assume he had no idea or didn’t really care. I’d love to have his car now.


Not overlooked, but often forgotten, 1965 Valiant V-200,(or Signet), ragtop, few were made, fewer remain, yet the price is right. So easy to work on, even I can, and everyone asks if it has the push buttons, NO, that ended with the ‘64’s.


I agree, here’s the Signet Hdtp


I really wish Hagerty would do an article on the 69 and 70 GP’s. They deserve the notoriety. The 70 had an available 455 HO engine with a HURST 4 speed on the floor and a hood tach as options.