7 tempting classics still under $10K


Whoa! Anybody else click on the Tempting classics under $10K (August 2018)? Those RX7’s in condition #3 nearly doubled in price in 2 months. Buy, buy, buy!


Hi @actionemail,

We are big fans of the Grand Prix - In fact @Greg_I on our valuation team has an awesome one we wrote about a few years ago.

Since the time of posting, he’s done a few hop-ups to the car. Perhaps it’s time for a revisit?



@actionemail these used to be sub $10,000 cars, but not anymore. I watch these cars closely and when I find them, I rarely find an operable one for under $10,000 anymore. In fact a 1970 SJ just sold at auction for $55,000. I still think they’re an amazing value when compared to a GTO and they make an amazing sleeper.

@Brett, I’m never opposed to a revisit. It has definitely been receiving some love over the past couple years.


$55,000 just HAD to be a frame off restoration. Mine is quite nice but nowhere near a $55,000 piece. See attached.


Great looking car! Love that it has the hood tach.

As for the 1970 SJ at auction, we did have a member from the valuation team look it over when it was offered and they didn’t give it the highest marks possible for condition. It was rated as either an older restoration or a very nice driver. Not saying that it’ll bump up values for even nicer cars, but based on my watching of the market the past couple years, I think that these cars are starting to become more appreciated and valued than they were before.

To one of your previous comments about Hagerty needing to do an article on the GP, I agree completely. I find that only owners truly know what these cars are capable of. I’ve surprised a lot of passengers in mine and it is only a 400/350hp model.


Don’t forget theses babies


I agree. The earlier ones made for the European market were pretty reliable cars. Definitely part of automotive history and a lot of people had them. The Yugo was to the 80s what the Gremlin was to the 70s.


Don’t overlook this truck/car crossover. This 1987 GMC makes me happy. He is a well loved, mostly original, happy hauler. He has lived his whole life in Hillsdale County Michigan. His friends call him EL CONQUISTADOR.


I hope you are correct about the appreciation factor for the GP going up. These cars have been under-appreciated for so long. Mine is a J with 400/350 and a 400 Trans like yours. Although the hood tach was an option in that year, mine was an adds on prior to repaint. Although I still don’t think mine would go for anywhere near $55K, I’d like to think it is at least a $20K car. Incidentally, you probably already know but the J stand for John, as in John DeLorean.


Wow! I am so glad to see that an article was written about this forgotten classic. I had been looking and looking for one from Hagerty but I guess I just missed that one. Thank you for sending it.

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Vern Doria


I also want to take a “Great American Road Trip” in my forgotten classic so my '91 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser is the perfect ride. Now in it’s 28 year it’s a reliable, efficient (22 highway) safe and comfortable way to see the USA.


I sold this Triumph TR7 a while back for well under 10K…with a port injected Camaro 3800 and a BW 5 speed it was very quick and you could get a set of golf clubs in the trunk! :grinning:


Here’s a rare one for under 10K, I’m selling it for $9,500. Firm! It’s a 1979 Lincoln Mark V St. Tropez pickup conversion with 21,500 original miles, only 12 were made that year.


Many good choices but I’ll add two more - 70-72 Cutlass Supreme and 68-72 Torino/Montego/Cyclone. Good availability in that price range. Easy to work on and share parts with more popular models so there is good supply out there.


Who picks these thing??? Did anyone watch the 20 plus hours of Mecum AA last weekend…the first day had about 100 cars you could get for under 10K and some with a few thousand miles on them…I love watching the first day…l can’t imagine the loses some of theses cars sold for…holding on to a car that long and keeping the miles low but still not getting back your original investment!!!..AMAZING!!! And then you get the WHAAAAAAAT Factor…1980 Pinto Squire wagon sells for 30K…gotta love rich people…


PONTIAC’S…by far the best looking US automobiles!


I have one! A 61 Olds 98 convertible for sale with 57,700K documented miles, garage kept White with green interior. Nothing rides like this car! Its like driving on clouds. Selling it for my friend who retired and moved out of the U.S. Lippy would not throw the keys to you if he owned this 98 :smile:


I have a 73 xke convertible …12 cyl beautiful car and a 79 Porsche 911sc coupe…rock solid. How old am I?


Never thought I’d agree that the Magnum/Cordoba would be a good “keeper” but remembering our '79 Chrysler 300 (very under-appreciated in the Mopar community) that my wife drove as a daily back in the mid-90’s I have to agree!
It had the 360 police engine and a nice suspension package and power everything inside. It would go 80 mph down the interstate and you’d think that you were still in your living room. It actually handled and accelerated well and the AC would freeze a side of beef.
Since the “die hard” Mopar guys are still stuck on the early 70’s A, B and E bodies, they should still be out there for a decent price.


Ever see one of these? A 1976 Dodge Daytona… Yup. From the factory. A 360 2 bbl with a top speed of 112 mph. Lol.charger%20daytona