7 tempting classics still under $10K


My 1976 Dodge (Cordoba, cough, cough I mean) Daytona!


A friend of mine in upstate NY bought a Cordoba as a “winter beater” back in the early '90s right about the time that he wanted to learn how to do bodywork and paint. The Cordoba was a natural choice since no one really cared if it turned out right. He was also restoring a 69 Dodge Charger R/T and had the old pitted badges that he was going to discard, so he had an idea… He fixed up the body, painted it, and created a “Cordoba R/T”. He was AMAZED at how many people “had one just like it” and how they’d tell him that “they were pretty fast back in the day!!!”. He’d just laugh and egg them on and tell them that his was a REALLY rare version of the Cordoba and that they should have kept theirs!


Another one a lot of folks miss is the 2004-2009 all aluminum Jaguar X350 XJ’s - 300 HP 4.2 Liter Bulletproof V8, 6-speed ZF Transmission, superb styling (last of the classic XJ’s a continuation style since 1968, and fantastic fuel mileage with the aluminum monocoque. Sure Audi A8’s were aluminum, panels over space frame, som 800-900 Lbs over an XJ. Youwon’t get a supercharge XJR or Super V8 (original price $94k) but you WILL see nice XJ8, XJ8-L and Vanden Plas for under 10k. If you can turn a wrench that are very affordable and dependable cars. Weak point is Air Suspension, often swapped for coil-overs -a sin IMO, but to each their own.


HA! I’m that guy stuck in the 70’s and love it too…so here’s a little blast from the past, kinda hard to find stuff when you add “Sport” behind that “Dart”.

So few around that I get tired of saying “It’s NOT a Duster”…never will be finished, always a work in progress and daily driver to boot. Yeah, 10 F.P.G., loud, a little pissy when the tires are cold, but well worth it, and yeah, way under 10k…


A W124 in wolf’s clothing–lots to choose from under $10K. All have the same half-dozen or so issues, and rusty examples are non gratis, but what great deals on boulavardiers
these are!


The Plymouth Valiant and Dodge Dart are very underrated. I have a 64 Signet Hardtop. It’s special to me because it’s the year of my birth and an homage to the 63 Valiant V-200 Convertible my dad owned. Dad’s car started me on a lifelong passion for classic cars.


How much and where are you located- have a buddy looking for a domestic classic.


Took my survivor '67 Newport on a 2926 mile rd trip in August as a fund raiser for the Dave Parker39 foundation. my buddy and i did 2926 miles, 13 states in 7 days - From Newport KY to Newport RI along with Newport PA, Delaware , Newport News and Newport TE. Took a picture in front of the gate at Jay Leno’s 13.5 mil Ocean Drive mansion in newport RI, and stopped in Portland Ct and met Wayne Carini-!
Nothing cruises the highway like a 60’s rag top!


White exterior

Green interior

Black top

98 Olds Convertible

All power windows

Power top




Text or call me should you have any questions??

Dave Slebodnick


Find me a 1961 or 62 Catalina in # 3 condition for $ 9200. makes me a buyer…


I agree the 69-70 Grand Prix’s are REALLY GREAT cars. I had a REALLY nice 70 Monte Carlo about 30 years ago, its one of those cars that I REALLY MISS & would love to have another, I was the 3rd owner, car was triple black, I ended up rebuilding the motor, trans, & suspension. sprayed an awesome paint job, t was my daily driver and I showed it at all the local shows and won trophies with it. If you want a 70-72 Monte Carlo now, it’s 15000.00-30000.00. I also don’t understand what’s happened with the “box style” GM Trucks 73-87. That body style has became crazy on the prices, it doesn’t matter if it’s a truck, blazer, or suburban. I had a SUPER NICE 87 Silverado, 73 Blazer, 80 & 84 Suburban’s, I actually miss all of them


Tim: The 70 Monte Carlo took some sales away from the 70 GP. The 69 Grand Prix was designed to overcome the lack of sales of the 68. The 68 Grand Prix only sold a little over 30,000 units but when the 69 GP hit the market, it increased sales up over the 100,000 unit mark. But again, when the 70 Monte competed for the market share and looked similar to the GP body style at a lower price, it won some of the would be 70 GP buyers over to Chevrolet. The 69 and 70 Grand Prixs have the same body styles with only minor changes to the grill, taillights and faux side louvers. Most people would not notice the differences, unless you were a Grand Prix enthusiast.


I also think the Boat tail Riviera’s are another great choice. I had a friend in school that a Riviera Grand Sport, man that thing would fly. I also agree with the C4 Corvette as another great idea. I have an 87 convertible that my Dad bought in 88 with 250 miles on it, plastic still on the seats, & window sticker still attached at that time, I’ve mad a lot of changes since then, It’s a lot of fun