71 percent of Americans fear autonomous cars, says survey

The automobile industry is running headlong into developing self-driving vehicles. Though the industry is embracing autonomy, consumers are far more cautious. Actually “cautious” is too cautious a word to describe how a large majority of Americans are downright afraid of autonomous cars. Bloomberg reports that the latest AAA survey indicates that 71 percent of Americans fear autonomous cars. Over 80 percent wouldn't let their kids ride in one. How self-driving cars will be integrated with a legacy fleet that includes cars from the 1950s and 1960s has yet to be determined.

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All it takes.

And I do mean, all it takes…

Is for some terrorist/hacker group to hack OnStar ™ and send the STOP NOW code to all GM cars.

Self-driving cars are going to be espoused by the politician’s as the next great savior of humanity. Classics will be banned from the roads that the autonomous vehicles drive on…

If you love driving, or love your classic car, now is the time to be paying attention.


Not only should we be worried about someone hacking self driving cars but we should be even more concerned about what will happen when the onboard computer malfunctions, which lets face it all computers do!

I really don’t understand why some folks think letting a computer TRY to take over the driving responsibility of a several thousand pound vehicle is a good idea. If I could be assured that the only people killed or maimed will be inside the autonomous car, I could “live” with that. Otherwise, leave the driving to humans. We may not be perfect, but I believe we’re better than the alternative.