8 cars that are heating up but can still be had for less than $10k


One of the many great things about the collector car hobby is that there’s not only something for every taste, there’s something for nearly every budget. Owning a classic isn’t as cheap as stamp collecting or taking up yoga, of course, but anyone can buy a collector car for less than five figures, and there are more entry-level collector vehicles than you could ever know what to do with.

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What happened to the 1971 Plymouth Duster? Harry M


The Cobra Type R is way over the $10K mark. Most other Fox body Mustangs can be had in that range but the Cobra is going for near $30K


I had a 1967 T Bird ( 390 version ) Coupe back in about 1980 and it was just one of the best highway cruisers with that space ship interior ( black with chrome ) I just loved it. In fact I’ve been thinking about buying another and retromoding it !


If you look around you will see that the Dusters are making a surge because they are the last “Nova” styled bodies around that can be bought for relatively cheap. They will make the list soon.


Lol! Sold mine already! $5,000.00. The repairs cost me more. Maybe in the future.


I think you should include the SVT Ford Focus, made from 2002- 2004. Good examples can be had for under 10K with handling and acceleration comparable to the Subaru BRZ and Toyota stablemate.


I own a 1979 Z28. When would you think this car would start increasing in value?


I’ve been a sport car enthusiast/owner since I was 18 and I’m 73 today. Of course tastes change somewhat over time. 5 years ago I was looking for something sporty, with good A/C just to use as a daily driver. Had to be inexpensive as I already had the garage full of “Collector Cars”, and the DD would have to sit outside. Looked at and drove several Porsche Boxsters, BMW Z3 & Z4 when a friend talked me into at least looking at the 98-2004 M/B SLK’s. Really liked the retractable hard top and over-all size. Looked at a few and most of them were pretty well maintained. Finally found a 1999 SLK 230 Sport, one owner from new, garage kept with less than 50K miles. 100% original, as it left the factory. Bought it !

Needless to say - this cream puff did not get put into Daily Driver use… so had to clear a spot in the garage…

Performance was as good or better than the 98-2000 Boxster or the Z3/Z4. Over the past 5 years I’ve driven it for pleasure about 2000 miles per year. Mostly with the Florida SLK Owners Club. Very reliable and any parts I’ve needed, have also been very reasonable. Most OEM parts can be found outside the local M/B Dealerships. If you are a car nut, you can fix almost anything on these yourself. At under $10K these are a super bargain (if you can still find a great one for under $10K). The AMG models “SLK32" -. are a bit more pricey…but if you can find a good one - they are sure to appreciate significantly in the years ahead.


I own a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire Roadster and a 2006 Crossfire Coupe, both with low mileage. In my humble opinion the Chrysler Crossfire is a gorgeous automobile. My cars turn heads everywhere I go.


Those International Harvester Pickup are rusted real bad we called them Rustanational Pickups. So it will be hard to find one.


What about the 1999-2007 Toyota MR2 Spyder? Pristine low mileage specimens can be found for under 10K. Higher mileage cars can be found in good condition and Toyota bullet proof reliable in the 5-8k range. A fun little mid engine car that handles great. Avoid the Steptronic clutchless manual particularly in higher mileage car and pass on models that have had the fart can exhaust rice rocket treatment. I love my 2002 but later models with a 6 speed are preferable.


Love the 8 cars posted! As an owner of a 1986 300 ZX, over the last 2-3 yrs my red, 2+2 has been receiving more and more “thumbs up” from other motorists and pedestrians. I am not surprised by increased interest in these vehicles as it remains a very dependable and fun to drive car.


My father had an International pickup long ago. The body and paint looked like new, but if you banged on the headliner rust fell out like rain.


I just purchased a very straight, solid 1967 1100A 4X4
No rust through, minimal surface rust, all tinted glass good except for back window. Not running, but turns over - $4500. Custom with the big V8 - Dont know why people are complaining about the rust… i know where two more are at, they will need a little more body work, but are also solid. I cant wait to get the 1100 running. Alittle elbow grease / buff on the old paint and some new carpet on the floor and I’ll be a happy camper. Oh yeah, I wont lie, there is a little surface rust under the headliner, but its no big deal. This truck is bad a**… Eccentric - hell yeah!


I’ve always loved the look of those Cosworth Vegas. Seems like a great platform to build an awesome little touring car.


With a mid-engine 2.8L V6 & 5 speed, the 1987 or 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT is on my bucket list.


How about the late 1960’s through 1972 Honda N360, N600 and Z600’s ? Precursor to the Honda CVCC (Civic).


I own a 2007 Chrysler Crossfire Limited Roadster and a 2005 Crossfire SRT Coupe. In my opinion the Chrysler Crossfire is way underrated because of the failed Chrysler/MB venture, and the fact that MB doesn’t want to recognize it as one of theirs… Both cars are mechanically a MB, either an SLK 320, or the more expensive S32 AMG (SRT). Both cars turn heads, even though most people don’t know what they are, but respond positively to it when they find out. You can find many examples of the 2004-2008 Base and Limited versions available for under $10,000, many with low mileage. The MB R170 engine is known to last well into the 200,000 mile mark. Although they can be expensive to own/repair, there is a Worldwide Crossfire Owners Network on Facebook, either through the Crossfire Owner pages, the Repair Parts and Technical page, the Crossfire Marketplace, or the Crossfire Forum, Members are very active and supportive of other owners, whether it be in parts, technical know how, or just getting together for car shows or weekend cruising, such as this Octobers tail of the Dragon 4 day trip. Let’s see Hagerty start giving the Crossfire some well deserved credit as a car to be recognized.


I am old and I have few times I have made money on a car, but I do have one in the garage now and don’t know how anyone could miss the appreciation percentage. 1994 camaro Z28 convertible, 1 of 4000 made, 25000 miles on it but not original engine. It was $4,000 as a #4 and now 4 years later it’s $8,000 and going up. Mine is a solid 3 and I paid $1,500 with a popped jasper. Donor engine $600, so this is a good one.