8 cars that are heating up but can still be had for less than $10k


Tastes change, but up until recently I had Mustang 5 liters for decades. Most are north of 10k but now and again you see them sub 10k.
They do NOT handle like a Porsche 911 or E30 BMW, but the drivetrain is incredible and they have classic boxy style looks like a Datsun 510 or BMW 2002. Parts are inexpensive and there is aftermarket support.
Although they had a bump in value 8 years ago, they have cooled a bit lately.
Look for a Hatchback 5 liter LX (the notchbacks command a premium and are hard to find), lower it an inch or so, and make some tasteful suspension modifications. Aftermarket exhaust and catalytic converters for some rumble.
Great car for the money that are most likely bottomed out.


@nhperrault - I think you are right, it’s hard to believe 5.0 'stangs can get much cheaper. Good examples are getting hard to find though.