8 classics that could be yours for under $10K


I can not believe how poor many people are at reading comprehension. Every time Hagerty publishes one of these lists, they preface it with the fact that they are based on quote activity, and actual sale prices over the last weeks/months/years, or whatever. Stop getting your panties in a bunch because your car, or the car/cars you like aren’t on the particular list.
Also, while I love muscle cars, sports cars, street rod, etc., I also realize that if you treat people who have differing interests like garbage, you just look like a clueless/arrogant person. We all love cars, and it is fine that not everyone shares your particular interest in fill in the blank______.


If you are commented on my “1995 Corvette” as: “This is a nice car” and “worthy of being a low entry level classic car which I would be proud to own”, thanks appreciate the comment


I remember when the '82 Firebird came out and the many years afterward, during which the Firebird upstaged the Corvette, which looked rather ho-hum during the 80’s, especially when compared to the TransAm.

I think that’s why the Corvettes during that period of time can be had so cheaply today even though performance wise, along with the Buick GN, they were at the top of the performance heap during those sad years for Detroit.

I remember the only other performance car I considered buying based on it’s cost was the later 80’s Mustang GT whish were a blast to drive & are still popular today for that reason.


The problem I see with this list is the term “classic”. Not everything old is a classic or collector car some cars are just old. That being said, while they may not be my taste some of these are classics such as the Jeep and the Dodge. Others may be collectable some day but not now.


I hear what you say and a lot makes sense but in my part of the world we have one particular “Cars in the Park” event which used to be a real treat as you could walk around admiring some very special cars. The event was arranged that the various marque clubs had their specific spot. Nowadays the event is over-run by total crap, garishly and tastelessly modified by pimple face punks. Absolute run-of-the-mill cars of no interest whatsoever and the decent “proper” classic cars are lost. I no longer attend this event


As Mr. Peek stated, this list is data driven. I think it’s interesting none the less. My wife owns a car that could probably be included in this list. There’s probably a story for each of those quotes. Although the car I’m telling a story about isn’t listed, it similarly (to me) undesirable.
She bought her first brand new car in 1990. It’s a W-bodied Regal GS 2+2. She wanted a Grand National but was out of her price range and saw the 2-door “sporty” Regal Gran Sport and bought it instead. Being her 1st new car of her young, single life she was understandably proud. She had that Buick when I met her and took very good care of it until 2005 when, with 175k miles it was parked. To me it was just an old used up car that she should have traded in. And honestly to most, a 1990 Buick Regal is a car someone’s grandparents owned.
Fast forward to 2015. That Buick had been stored outdoors under a tarp for 10 years. The wife asked if I could “freshen it up”. I have an old car take out occasionally and she wanted her “old “ car to play with. Being the dutiful husband I reluctantly agreed. Short of paint and interior work,which is decent, her Buick has been returned to drivers status.
No one else really cares about these old w-bodies and most have long ago been scrapped. But she loves it still and luckily she loves me for saving it


The comment that only pre 1975 cars should be at car shows is narrowminded. There are plenty of special interest cars built in the last 45 years! jeeez


OK so only 1 of these is a car I’d consider (well I own one so biased). The Miata HANDS DOWN is the only sports car on this list. And its a BLAST to drive!! Fun in the Sun…and reliable. I own British sports cars and Italian and this one is more reliable, more fun (in many cases) and just get in and drive…The rest of your “list” I’d still consider…junk!!! sorry…they had no appeal when I was 16 and have less now. I’ve driven a few of them…if tomorrow they became worth…LOTS…I still would not purchase or own one!!! Blazers and Bronco’s and Scouts that are now sooo sought after…yeah…people forget how crappy they were too!!! And the VETTE comment about 95-96 being under 10K well maybe in the southern US…up here there starting to gain traction…and you won’t fine a decent low mileage one of those for under 15K unless it’s JUNK!!! My 94 is worth more…even with exchange it’s 12-15K US…anyone selling one of the later years C4 for less…is either desprite to sell or has no clue there real value!!


I totally agree with you on the C4 Corvette. I bought my 91 last year with 32,000 miles on it in excellent condition for less than $10,000. It may not be the most desirable generation, but I’m happy. My cousin owns a C3 82 and drove mine. His impression was he wished his had the power and handled like mine does.
I would not trade mine for anything on the list.


Sorry Jeff, but I’m not understanding your definition of ‘Classic’. I’m not seeing any of these picks as truly being a classic. Old, yes. Classic, no. Is it simply because someone thinks they’re cool, does that make the car a classic?


And that is probably what they say about us and our cars, except instead of pimple face punks, they call us old farts in lawn chairs.

Remember we didn’t start the fire.


Not sure what everyone has against SLK’s but I own a 2001 SLK320 with sport pkge. Has AMG wheels with 60’s on rear. In addition With the 6 cylinder under hood, car a has plenty of power, handles pretty tight. Also great thing is hardtop goes up or down in less than 30 seconds. I have 47k miles on and still in great condition and get compliments by many. Good looking vehicle that I think indeed should be on list and many are missing out on at around $8-11k price range.


Go to the CSS Registry and read a bit on the '63-'67 CSS / HPP Sweptline trucks. Perhaps it’ll change your mind some. Many do not know that you could order a Dodge Sweptline pickup with the HPP [High Performance Package]. This gave you the 426 Street Wedge 365hp engine backed by the 727 LoadFlite transmission. The rear suspension was set up with special “torque rods” to keep the springs from “wrapping” under acceleration. There was a warning sticker from the manufacturer placed inside the glove box door which basically said the truck could get way out of
control if you got on it. In their day… these Sweptlines were blisteringly fast. Dodge did also offer the 413 Wedge in a limited amount of '63/'64 D series pickups too. The 413 was a very hot engine… putting nearly the same hp and torque down as the 426 Street Wedge. The CSS was the “Custom Sport Special” package which gave you all the interior and exterior trim and accoutrements. I don’t know why they don’t include the '61-early '65 4-headlight Dodge Sweptline trucks? They were very cool as well. The '61-'68 W-Series [W100/W200] Sweptline Power Wagons all came with 8 lug Dana 44F and 60 axles [yes… even the 1/2 ton W100] with the option of a very heavy duty large closed knuckle D44 3500 lb front axle. They were sprung very aggressively and were equipped with a very decent factory lift. Dodge Power Wagons were “the truck to have” in those days…


Agreed. I’m a Dodge Sweptline enthusiast. They’re definitely classics in my world.


If I go by the dictionary’s definition: “judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.” … I would agree that the Jeep CJ3 and the Dodge Sweptline pickups from '61-'71 were outstanding. Dodge did interesting things during the Sweptline era… like equipping D100 & D200 pickups with a 426 Street Wedge engine paired with a 727 LoadFlite transmission and they were very hot runners. The Sweptline Power Wagons were the most capable 4wd pickup in those days…


We bought out '97 Miata with about 67K miles on it about four years ago from my wife’s retiring boss. Aside from a custom paint color (his wife liked the '55 Thunderbird color) it’s stock. It was inexpensive and is cheap to keep. Though I occasionally look at other cars that offer more comfort for my aging body, the Miata ultimately has been a keeper, as it can be parked in the garage and leave room for other interests as well.


Okay so the under 10K article would not have worked for the 69/70 GP but as I said, I have never seen one article by Hagerty on this car and just wondered why?


Not sure why they didn’t have an article, I was just saying the 69 to 70 g.p. gets pricy. They are worth it also!


Just a really boring list!


I’ve been in the hobby since 1954 & it pains me to read the harsh comments posted. To me cars are all about fun . We have owned a 67 firebird since 1983 & show the car in Portland Or. with up to 1500 other owners . it’s fun for everyone. You see everything from concourse quality to rat rods . I’m sorry for those that are not having that experience. Lucky