8 classics that could be yours for under $10K


Move along. Not much to see here!


If the Pontiac is so hot, how about the comparable Chevy? The Camaro had the same lines and was a decent looking car with T tops.


The ‘78 T-bird has nothing to do with the Fox chassis Fairmont. The ‘77-‘79 Birds were large, body on frame cars with only V8 engines available. These cars rode on a 114” wheelbase as opposed to the next generation T-bird, the Fox chassis unibody with a 108” wheelbase made from ‘80.-‘82. The “squarebird.”
The aero T-bird then ran from ‘83 - ‘88, also utilizing the Fox chassis unibody.

You say nobody wanted them, but the ‘78 Thunderbird was the best selling Thunderbird of all time, setting a record of 352,000 sold that year. The ‘77 sold 318,000 and the ‘79’s 295,000 making the 7th gen T-bird the most popular by a long, long margin.

The Fairmont was the first Fox chassis car introduced by Ford in ‘78. It came in four door and a two door coupe, the Fairmont Futura. Mercury sold the similar Zephyr. They are very popular today as about any Fox Mustang Performance part will bolt on to them.

In 1979 Ford introduced the Fox chassis Mustang, which used the same basic platform until 2004


As they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are a lot of cars I don’t want to own but I do like to see cars & motorcycles that other collectors like. I used to own many cars and motorcycles from the late 1950s to the 1980s. I sold my last car from that era last year. It was a 1964 Chevelle Super Sport that I owned for 40 years. I now like sport cars that you don’t see too often such as my Honda S2000, and Chrysler CrossfireSRT6. Many of the s2000s were abused and nice examples are not easy to find. They only made approx. 2400 Crossfire SRT6 coupes and 1200 Crossfire SRT6 convetibles. For me if it has a motor and wheels and is interesting I like it.!


Jim: If you think you might be able to get someone at Hagerty to write an article on one, I would certainly appreciate reading it. Photos of mine are attached.


Mike: You have touched upon my real complaint. All we seem to hear about are the 67 Camaros, the 57 Chevys, the 65 Mustangs, the 56 T Birds, etc. etc. etc. Tired of hearing about these common classics. What’s wrong with the 69 and 70 Pontiac Grand Prix? There is a lot of history behind that car and nobody seems to want to address it and bring it to the forefront. Ya never see a Hagerty article about one of these.


The ‘78 Thunderbird is not a glorified Fairmont…that didn’t start until 1980. Apparently a million people wanted one. These ratings are based on sales and quote activity, not some individual’s personal taste or opinion.


I Had an ‘87 Supra. It was one of the best cars that I’ve ever owned.


My father had a '69 GP. It was an exceptionally nice car. The interior was unique then and still is. Great dash board and seats. I would agree it is a real classic car.


Rick: Yes, I had one of those 87 Supra with a digital dash. Great cars. Also had a 1980 Supra. The 87 was my favorite.


You have no idea what you are talking about. Don’t you hate it when other people do that? I doubt you worked for Ford (I do). Did you read the part about the record-setting sales? Did you read the part that the T-Bird/Cougar was not on the fox body as you incorrectly spouted. Just shhhhh when you’re feeling another urge to foolishly spout from perception vs. facts. Thanks.


Why is it that everytime one of these articles comes up half of the people chime in with which cars they THINK should be on the list that were missed , and how dumb Hagerty is for skipping them. This is based on the number of quotes Hagerty is getting on particular types of cars. Not based on an opinion. I dont like half of the cars on the list either, but my opinion is also irrelevant!


Love the sweptline trucks. If the 77-79 T-birds are collectible, why not the 78-79 Dodge Magnum and the 75-79 Cordoba & 75-78 Chargers? The Magnums at least are bringing 5 figures nowadays. Now, how do I add a picture to my reply?


I’m sorry but mid 90 anything has little to no muscle. My 92 Camari was in the neighborhood of 200 hp. It sounded good but getting waxed by older pre smog cars got old quick.


I like the wrap around dash. Makes me feel like a pilot in and airplane.


That’s a beautiful car! You certainly must know their value. I was just commenting, I don’t have any connection to haggertty but hopefully someone who does monitors this thread


My friend had a 1979 Cordoba, “Corinthian Leather”. LOL


I’m in my mid-60’s. I’ve been a car addict since 2 years old. I have a great appreciation for American cars that have survived. I have never had an interest in any import, just don’t do anything for me. I picked up a fun car. I’t as fun to drive as any Chevelle, Mustang, or Mopar. It’s a 78 Mercury Monarch with a rare combination of a 302/4-speed combo, Factory A/C, and AM/FM 8-track…paid $4k for it…love it and NO ONE has another one.


I was just commenting on the higher value of 69 and 70 grand prix.s. I don’t have any connection to Laverty. Your car is beautiful though…they should do a story on yours


Thanks Jim. No, I really don’t know its value. Its not a trailer baby but it has less than 1000 miles on a rebuild engine with a mild, essentially unnoticeable cam, roller rockers, new oil pump, etc. etc. The turbo 400 trans is bullet proof. Haven’t had a lick of trouble with it. Has 2 1/2 inch exhaust. Sounds sweet and the interior looks just as good as the outside. I’m guessing it is a 14 to 19K car. I really don’t know for sure.