8 classics that could be yours for under $10K


Fairmont didn’t come out until 1978. Thunderbird used the fox chassis in 1980. This generation of Thunderbirds was a reskined LTD II.


Love all the glass. Pontiac styling was top notch!


I always love the banter when Hagerty does this. There are always so much negativity though. If you are a “true” car guy, or girl, you can’t bash a vehicle you don’t like before thinking it must be “the bomb” for someone else. Maybe your taste is completely different like an American muscle car is to a Ferrari or Porsche. Well I have owned from a Pinto to a '68 Mustang Fastback GT 390, to a Jetta, RX7, a couple Toyota Tacomas, a 944 (bought for $5k w/50k and will keep, why it’s not on this list is a travesty and much better than 924’s that Hagerty seems to put on these lists), a few Mercedes, and now a Porsche Boxster Spyder. I have loved them all. When I go to a car show or judge one, I like models I could buy or never afford, no matter how different they are to what I have owned. I don’t look and a think, “that thing is a piece of crap”. Remember, I said I loved a Pinto? Laugh all ya want, because with a few simple mods, that car was seriously under-rated (and all I could afford) and a pure blast to bomb around a dirt horse track late at night in my high school days.

Let people like or love what they want, because if you don’t, things are gonna change for the worse and go the way of High School Auto shop, cruising the “Main Drag” or dwindling car club memberships. You better start embracing the younger gens now and whatever cars they want to like and get them hooked on cars like we got or our passion and theirs will eventually die by the wayside of electric cars, scooters, Uber and Lyft.

If you want a good auction site for “true” car lovers that features a large variety of well maintained, low mileage vehicles, try BaT or Bring a Trailer, a truly good place to buy let alone learn from owners.


@sharxsnax - The 944 is on our radar for sure, but in #3 condition they are $11,500. Just missing the $10k mark for this group.


Awesome…by that definition the Miata is a “Classic”. And since we’re wanting the “highest quality” we can eliminate most of those supercars built during the same period that have to be worked on 2 hours for every 1 hour they’re driven. Or are we confusing “quality” with “cost”?
“Classic” definition also has the terms “memorable”, and “traditional” in it. I have no problem calling most cars at some small fundraiser show “classic”, since each one usually evokes a memory in me or it’s owner that’s precious. And many of their owners care little whether it increases in value. The rest is just pomp and circumstance…and the selfish wish by a few to keep the separatism alive. I’m not confused.


Well put. I say it all the time about my 84 . Most people
know nothing about the history of these cars, all they see is a Corvette. A true Icon.


Not everybody has to agree with everything, If all you can do is complain, See ya!


Bravo, geok86…well stated and spot on! A true gentleman gearhead never disparages another gearhead’s car(s) or preferences in cars!


California’s loss is my gain. I got a really solid, better than driver quality 1978 Dodge Super Coupe because the owner was tired of smog checking every year. He and his wife have 1970 E-Bodies to enjoy. First thing I did was ditch the catalyst adding true dual exhaust, really waking the motor up.


Excellent taste.