8 legendary Lancias that’ll make you drool

Lancia never strayed far from the racing roots Vincenzo Lancia put down when he founded the company in 1906. Oh sure, the company might be known nowadays for stylish urban runabouts with lots of pizzazz but not much pep, but Lancia earned a reputation for innovation and performance that rivaled the best from Maranello and Sant’Agata Bolognese.

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Well, a 1300 HF Fanalone was never built by Lancia.
Yes, the picture shows two big front lights, but they are additions: the “fanalone”, as you can see in the photo referring to lot 146, is the inside one (two) of the inset lights. Ah, and the Fanalone had no bumpers.

I’ve had the pleasure of driving a Lancia Fulvia and an 82 Beta. Both cars where amazing to drive and although equipped with front wheel drive, there isn’t nearly as much torque steer as a Honda.