8 vintage automotive ads you won’t find in today’s magazines

Not much comes from owning a pile of old auto magazines. Half as collectible and twice as heavy as comic books, these vintage rags don’t serve much purpose beyond a few reads through. Perhaps they’re worth something to a friend. Maybe a diagram can be useful as reference, or maybe they just collect dust in the back of the attic.

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I have collected everything automotive that I could find (albeit a po’ boys collection). I have ads from the 1920’s forward and have many unique products that were invented through the years. I thought I would share an accessory I owned for years and sold last December; the “TYPHOON SUPERCHARGER.” It was simply a scoop that clamped on a 97 or other 2 barrel, but the name did sound powerful!

Personally, I liked the Fire Igniter that sat on top of your distributor, between it and the coil wire. It was red and shaped like a miniature, elongated cone top beer can. Mostly, this was sold at home shows, with the visual aid of a poorly running Chevy six or the ilk. It was amazing that, as soon as the Fire Igniter was installed, the engine smoothed right out. I can’t be sure, but I think that it was $3.95, and I don’t remember any money back guarantee.

Could have used that lock deicer for my VW Bug. I had to use a lighter or matches to free up the lock that was part of the button you pushed to open the door.