89 Mustang 5.0L 2dr-sdn

What does Concours mean when you are choosing to insure your vehicle? That seems to be the number 1 choice followed by excellent, good & then fair???

@johnnoullet - Concours condition is often easiest summed up by saying the best in the world. Exacting restorations or extremely well preserved vehicles are the types of vehicles that fall in this category. This is just the top 1% of vehicles, the best of the best.

The vast majority of vehicles on the road and for sale are #3 - Good condition, for reference.

It’s also a vague reference to the judging levels at some of the “professional” car shows on the car show circuit. Think Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, those kind of affairs.

For simple Midwesterner types like me, substitute distance (in feet from car) from lowest to furthest…
If a car looks good from 1 foot out, these are pristine, some would refer to them as numbers-matching. trailer queens, with no unusual odors or smells.
6 feet out, definitely nice to look at, may have not been on a trailer on it’s way into or out from the show.
many 15 footer car, think well-taken care of daily drivers.
the rest only look good from miles away, unless walking is your alternative =)