9 electric vehicles that could be the collectibles of the future


@jballiett54 - There is plenty of hot rodding that can be done, it just utilizes some different theory compared to internal combustion engines. Similar to how computer folks can overclock a CPU for extra performance, some keystrokes on the software of an electric car can really amp up performance (pun intended.)


@joe.chiappinelli - I would counter with by the time many of the cars we collect today were collectable they needed multiple systems rebuilt- engine, transmission, rear axle, suspension bushings.

The need for replacing parts is hardly exclusive to electric cars, we are just more familiar with doing such on internal combustion cars. Batteries are (typically) terrible for the environment to produce though, and finding a company who will make a battery for long out of production car will be a lot like finding someone who will make a set of connecting rods for an early car.


There is some traditional theories on hot rodding that would apply besides aerodynamics…

It should be noted most EVs from the factory are already optimized in terms of wind resistance…

So, lightening the load could be another thing to do in order to “hotrod.”

If you are interested in the hot rodding of EVs, I believe there are some EV only races, and I know they have a solar powered EV race in Australia every year or so (it’s a real interesting thing to see.)

As far as collectability of vehicles when the batteries cost so much? Certainly you guys don’t buy all of your parts from the dealer, do you?



ok then.

But, @HagertyKyle has it right, there isn’t a universality to the hybrid/ev battery design yet (nor possibly will there ever be) so finding replacements in a few decades could prove to be problematic, however, instead of replacing the battery, perhaps replacing each individual battery terminal/cell may be the better/easier way of doing it…

time will tell, it always does…



“But it’s a safe bet you’ll see alt-fuel cars like these alongside more conventional classics in collections and at concours within 30 or 35 years.”

I’ll be dead before then :slight_smile:


What’s funny is I pulled into a specialty high end newer muscle, luxury and exotic car dealership in Dallas a couple weeks ago with my beautiful 2001 Honda Insight (averaging 65 mpg).
As I walked in the door 3 car salesmen ran up all excited and said " Is that and original Insight? How many miles on it? How many miles per gallon you getting and more. Then one whispered " Who would believe it, we have over 30 million dollars of cars in here and we get excited about a Honda Insight!" Don’t tell anybody!
Made me feel pretty special!
No, I don’t think they will ever be a collectible.
Interesting article an input though keeps us all wondering what if?

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