9 great buys under $25K from the 2019 Arizona auctions


If you just read the biggest headlines from Arizona Auction Week, you might think that all of the cars for sale are perfect restorations of European coachwork, impossibly rare muscle cars, or charity auctions that drive prices sky high. In truth, hundreds of cars sold for fair prices that were sure to leave the buyer without a shred of remorse. We picked some of our favorite muscle cars, classics, and 4x4s to show a sampling of the well-bought cars from the 2019 Arizona auction week.

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Just a heads-up - when I click on the link to the 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera it takes me to the wrong auction page… Lot #144.1 1992 Cadillac Allante Convertible).


The only one I clicked on.


Man, that AMC is calling out to me, beckoning me to become the Ambassador of West Palm Beach! The Independents are the sort of cars that really get my attention more than anything else and this one is no different. From it’s electric shaver styled front to the wood-like trim abound on the inside, it is one sweet deal.


@gmetzger and @twmulloy - Sharp eye, and thanks for pointing it out. We are updating that link now.


The Le Mans referenced in “My Cousin Vinny” is the 1963 model. It was supposedly confused with a 1964 Skylark, and, if you’re familiar with the styling of the '63 Pontiac and the '64 Buick, you can see that as possible. The styling on the '61 & '62 Pontiacs, however, is much more distinctive. BTW, Miss Tomei was wrong about them having the same wheelbase and weight; rear track width, OTOH, was indeed 58" for both cars…


Please don’t equate sellers getting robbed with base lining market value.


If you look at the picture of the Lemans you can see that it is really a tempest (the emblems). Also, the 326 did not go into the Tempest/Lemans until 1963 with a completely different body style.


the corvette is a great price