9 of Bertone’s most bizarre concept cars

Ferrari GT308 GT concept = Fiat X19.

I thought the Susuki Go actually made a limited production run…
only in California though…

I’ve always preferred Pinin Farina over Bertone and have owned one of each of their best affordable examples in order of year 1971 Fiat 124 Spyder, and a 1975 Volkswagen Scirocco which were both affordable at the time and functional as well as entertaining to drive. I bought a second Scirocco later in the 80’s which was a better car than the first and kept the original design well. To call these concepts bizarre is possibly too kind in a couple of cases but thanks for sharing. LOL


ODG developed and manufactured a special transmission for a 6-wheel-drive, skid steer ATV - the Amphicat. In 1967 the Argo was born! Realising the potential of the ATV market, ODG decided to introduce its own 6-wheel amphibious vehicle - the Argo. It was named for its stamina on land and water after the Argonaut of Greek mythology. In 1969 the Kitchener facility could no longer handle the volume required so ODG purchased a 10 acre site in New Hamburg and began construction. A big compagnies to this day in 2020.

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I bought one of the Isuzo Impulse as well for my daughter . It was used one and rattled probably had been wretched but she loved the thing and I loved the way it looked. More refined than the original Scirocco it was obviously penned from conceptually it turned out to be amazingly reliable and the perfect beginner car for my gal who managed to drive it many years before having kids and succumbing to the SUV craze in America. Would not mind doing a restomod on one of these with updates and maybe even souped up Ford power.

GM I’m not sure what you guys think, but most of those squares vehicles they have no appeal to me! Specifically that Rainbow model from Ferrari, what they were thinking!! Cheers.

I think the design refinements that showed up on the Fiat X19 were excellent. Though the later model cars with the token US Federal bumpers were strange, the aftermarket rotary motor replacement made a nice package. Today, maybe a Ford 4 eco-boost from a Mustang could be perfect! Although I imagine an electronic nightmare.

I believe the Citroen Zabrus would appeal to consumers and sell well today, 30 some years later.

Sure glad Zagato did the 750 Double Bubble. ……Jim.

I love the look of the Zabrus although from that angle it looks like a really cool minivan. The Ramarro looks like a Camaro modified in someone’s backyard. I thought that’s how it got its name until I read the entry over again. Is the Pickster a BMW or a Bugatti? It looks like the Veyron. Of course, I can’t see the bed in the picture.

I didn’t know that “Big Daddy” Ed Roth ever lived in Italy…

Not pictured in the list, so maybe not considered “bizarre” or “fascinating”, but still worthy of mention in the text. Folded and creased, most of these represent the evolution of styling when compared to the '63 Corvair Testudo.

Note to 7litrescott - This list comprises only cars that were displayed at Retromobile 2020.

The Lamborgini mini van is amazing. I would buy that in a heartbeat.
Like usual, the lack of, and poor angles of the pictures is infuriating.


I tend to lean towards sharper angles and IMHO, Bertone has done some magnificent work. I currently own a '79 X1/9 and find that being black, it rounds out the sharpness a bit. I’ve cared for this car since '83 and it is still one of my favorites.

The car I have always aspired to is the 308 GT4 Dino and is the only Bertone-bodied Ferrari ever produced… and the only Ferrari I would only want to own!

It seems the majority of comments here lean to the more rounded look and are Pinin Farina fans, but that’s OK. To each his own!

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Interesting how much the 1976 Ferrari 308GT Rainbow looks like the Triumph TR7, especially the roof. The first year of the TR7 was 1975. I’ve always loved the Bertone design.

Yes, it is interesting how the TR7 resembles other ‘wedge’ Italian designs from the era. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I see where Elon get’s his inspiration for his truck

1975 auto mechanix illustrated has a Giorgetto concept that is very much the stolen idea

Somebody else here at the Hagerty forums dug that up a while back. Sticks with you…

I think that Chevy rammaro looks dope as hell.