9 supercars from the ‘80s and ’90s bringing the rad to Arizona


Did exotic carmakers make more on posters of 1980s and ’90s supercars than the genuine article? My best guess is no, although there were definitely more of these ’80s and ’90s supercars plastered on walls than there were prowling the streets.

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This a good “Where Are They Now” update on some obscure 80s-90s supercars. I have several magazines that mention the Vector. It was always just about to enter production but I was never quite sure what became of the project.

I loved the EB110 when it came out. It just barely made it to the States and most that sold here had a sport package that obscured the rear quarter window. Great to see not one, but two, original spec cars. The blue one is probably the exact same one that was on all the magazine covers back in the day. Can’t get much closer to meeting your automotive heroes than that.


I’m curious what the Willys will fetch. This one looks extremely well restored and adding in the additional loot should drive the price up.