9 unforgettable movie Ferraris


Elvis beat Steve McQueen to the Ferrari punch. Twice. In 1958, a 250 GT tdf appeared in Viva Las Vegas, followed by a 1960 250 GT Cabriolet in Presley’s 1966 flick Spinout.

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I think we missed a great one! What about the Ferrari 308 in National Lampoon’s Vacation? Chevy Chase certainly couldn’t keep his eyes off it. The car, people, the CAR!


Yes, how could you forget about National Lampoon’s Vacation! That is the first one I thought of before going through the list. How could you forget about Christie Brinkley driving it! It also made a second appearance in another Vacation movie, I think it was Las Vegas Vacation. That time she had her baby in the back. That kind of cooled down Clark Griswold.


There are lots more, Masquerade, Glass House, Thomas Crown Affair, Pink Panther, Munster movie, Grand Prix, etc., etc. not to mention the great Shell and Goodyear commercials over the years.


What about the 1961 250 GT SWB California Spyder in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


@tmadere While it’s presented as a real Ferrari, the car in the movie is a clone.


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Let us not forget the beautiful red 365 Daytona GTS Spyder in the 1976 movie “A Star is Born” with Chris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand. The car appears many times in the film and there is a nice driving scene at the end of the movie that unfortunately ends with a crash. We can only hope it is a model of the actual car shown demolished.


The Carrozzeria Fantuzzi Spyder for the 1968 Fellini film, Toby Dammit, a story inspired by one of the tales of Edgar Allan Poe. google it!


There were two Ferrari Daytona’s used as regular driver cars in a 70s movie shot in the French (Swiss?)Alps.


A number of different Ferrari’s in the various race scenes from the “Herbie the Love Bug” movies including a 365 GTB Daytona in the qualifying scenes from “Herbie goes to Monte Carlo”


Gumball Rally ! Daytona and Cobra. Both were the real thing and the producers claimed that all the car sounds were real. The sound you heard came from that car at that time and the tach and speedo shots were actually correct. Yes they had a highly modified camera truck capable of 150 mph !