$93,500 for a non-Turbo BMW 2002?


Seems a bit steep, or am I missing something?


Dang. Since when does somebody get back their money on this level of restoration? The Hagerty price guide has this car at $52,500 in #1 condition. If it was all original with no restoration in this condition with low miles, maybe I could see it. But somebody just got fleeced. Congrats to the seller, though!


Wow. Almost looks like somebody had a friend buy it to try and inflate values.

One car doesn’t set the market…


He’s got 20 of these stashed. Created 2 fake accounts and bid up the price on his own car. I like how you think, @Kyle. :smile: He’ll sell one or two more his collection to himself, inflate the market and then cash in!


This kind of reminds me of this Honda Accord sale https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2016/02/11/honda-accord-lx.


That Accord is awesome! Not $25K awesome, IMO. But still awesome!