98 Land Rover Discovery not collectible?


I’ve had Hagerty insurance on some of my collector cars in the past and recently applied for a policy on my 86 Daimler Double Six, 2004 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works, and my 98 Land Rover Discovery. I listed the Disco as a tow vehicle for the others and said it had been my vehicle for going to our British Car Club meetings and functions until I bought the Mini, but the young lady told me it did not meet the Hagerty criteria and was not considered collectible - at least not yet - so they would only insure the DD6 and the Mini.

Is there a list of which vehicles are collectible and which are not? Or is it up to an individual agent to decide. I have other much newer drivers and the Discovery is driven very little, so I didn’t want to have to pay the insurance cost for what other companies will consider a normal daily driver. Any comments or suggestions?

Thanks, Phil Warner