A 1000-mile shakedown in an old Porsche 911 I rebuilt myself


Of the 15 tools that came with a Porsche 911 when it was new in 1969, only two remained in mine: a lug wrench and an odd, curved blade with two studs at the end. I couldn’t even venture a guess as to the blade’s purpose, but as I departed on a maiden 1000-mile journey, I jammed both into the trunk. That would prove to be the one smart move in a series of rookie mistakes.

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Loved your story. It reminded me of a similar challenge that we had a few years ago on the first day of a 1,400 mile road trip south through western Oregon and returning north through eastern Oregon. Driving our lesser Porsche (a '72 914) just west of Portland, I heard a clunk and lost powered mobility. I was able to coast to the shoulder and looking under the rear of the car I could see the end of one drive axle on the pavement. I had recently removed the trans for a rebuild and replaced it myself. Evidently I had not properly torqued the bolts connecting the CV to the trans. The car is far too low to access these without a lift or least a good jack and some stands. I envisioned an early end to our road trip.

Fortunately, I was able to contact a VW dealer in a nearby town and they said they would have a look at it. AAA arrived and got our car up on the flatbed and delivered us to the dealer’s shop. We had planned to visit the nearby Air Museum and the dealer gave us one of their service loaners. After a slightly shortened visit to the museum, we returned to the dealer and they had reattached the drive axle and everything was good to go. The total cost was under $50 and we were back on the road heading south. What could have been the end of our trip was only a minor inconvenience (resulting in a good story) thanks to AAA and a friendly small town dealership.


Thanks for reading. And dang, what a terrific dealer. You remember the name of it?
This pic is from Marion, Virginia, where a downtown service station let me borrow some tools to tighten a wheel bearing. Not sure what this says about my mechanical skills that I have to fix on the side of the road, but I loved meeting those folks…

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I recently rebuilt my 74 911. It seems it takes a year and a few days to rebuild at a minimum. I was driving mine around for a few days when I noticed the steering was wayward. When I pulled over and checked I had failed to put the cotter pins in the tie rod nuts. The adventure of an old 911 is constant.


It’s a great story, but I think it really goes to show that it always is a good idea to pack an extra belt, especially if your ride is air-cooled.

I always like the looks of most of the Porsche line, with the exceptions of:

and, oddly enough, the 914, even though I’m a VW guy at heart.