A 1992 Toyota Century is the weirdest, most brilliant cross-country cruiser


My ears perk up when people start talking about a particular car out of nowhere—the Toyota Century is the latest earworm for my habit. This beautiful, hand-built sedan was created for Japan’s business elite, and it showcases the best of comfort, subtle style, and technology.

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I’d recommend checking your ground before trying to find a new speedo sensor. My 95 land cruiser had the ground bolt for the speedo sensor loosen up 2 years after my cylinder head rebuild (which was on the intake manifold of all places), and the engine vibrations would simulate a pulsed signal as it lost and gained connection.

Now finding a manual to tell you where the speedo ground on a century might be a little tricky. Especially one translated to English.


very beautiful car. but the dealerships here wont touch them.


You’re 100% right about that!


Good tip- thanks! I’ve been looking on eBay and eBay Japan for a while for an official owners manual, it would be really handy. Thanks to Google Translate, at least I know what all the buttons are for…