A $30,000 Bugatti?


To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the founding of the original Bugatti company, with the help of Junior Classics, Bugatti is bringing back one of the most beloved vehicles the company has ever built.

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I came across a Harrington Group https://groupharrington.com/junior-cars/ Bugatti 1/2 scale electric a few years back. The electric speed controller is shot but the car is amazing. Only a handful were produced and it was one of the first offerings from Junior cars I believe. I was not aware of the factory built 1/2 scales made in the twenties. Pretty cool to find out- Thanks so much for the story!
Curiously mine has working headlamps.

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Who is actually building this car, and who is Junior Classics? There is nothing on their Twitter and Facebook pages newer than 2015, and the link to their website on Facebook goes nowhere.


@mikecdata - From the way the Bugatti media site reads, Bugatti is building this limited run of scaled down cars. Junior Electrics might not have the social media (or any online) presence, but it sounds like it is the brains behind the powertrain and battery management.


Hmm. To answer my own question. It appears the company who will build the car under license is Junior Classics Limited, which was founded in February of this year with one principal officer and a total stock value of approximately 7.5 British Pounds. They are using the Bugatti brand with permission. The new Baby will not be a product of the Bugatti works in Molsheim, it will be a third party construction, which may bring into question its future collectability.

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