A 95-mile 2015 LaFerrari is already bid to $3M on Bring a Trailer


Here’s something you don’t see every day. Scroll past the 1982 Jeep Wagoneer, the 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 convertible, and that 1968 BMW 1600… and oooh la la—is that a LaFerrari?! On Bring a Trailer? Indeed it is. And with only 95 miles on the odometer, to boot.

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Fair enough, I have been on BaT since day 1 when it was just Randy sharing 2-3 classic car ads on a daily basis and we were a bunch of enthusiasts sharing some knowledge and learning a lot.
Those were the times of Bellcord knowledge. (Old BaTerists would know).
What BaT is right now is the result of Randy’s hardwork, although we not always agree with sure have a great time. Kudos to BaT.
Expect more super cars on BaT as the vast knowledge of some top commentators is highly appreciated between bidders. It is just more honest that some partisan comments from auction houses representatives.
Axel Caravias


@caravias1969 - I do enjoy what BaT has become, and it has certainly been a long journey for them. I hope they continue to have affordable and interesting cars. The consigned cars lately seem to favor models that are more six-digit prices, rather than the approachable fun cars they seemed to build the site on.