A brief history of iconic Cragar S/S wheels


Hot rodding is all about making your vehicle unique, expressing your vision, and of course, going fast. Wheel choice could be a major factor in all of those aspects. When hot rodding was really taking off in the 1950s and ’60s, there wasn’t much to choose from when it came to aftermarket wheels. Roy Richter changed that.

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My 67 Mustang convertible already had Cragar S/S on it when I bought it. They are still on the car after 15 years of great performance. I also love the wheels because they have my initials on the front. Thanks for the history of the wheels. Steve S.


In my opinion, all muscle cars look better with cragar SS rims. My recent 396 68 Chevelle and my first car, a 65 Chevy II both had ss cragars.


My 62 Belair has had Cragar SS wheels for 45 years. I replaced the center caps in 1980 with Cragar three spoke spinners. I remember buying the spinner caps for $10. Was just the touch my 22 year old car needed at the time.

“Everything goes better with Cragars!”


I was looking for Mags for my 67 Firebird 400, Frank at High Speed said “don’t put that junk on your car”. They are too heavy and rust. Use American Racing . He then said pick up that Crager, now pick up the American Racing - it weighed 1/2 as much. He asked “which one do you want to turn” - then he said buy Positraction tires from Novacs tire center J60’s rear. The difference was amazing.

I loved the Crager look but went with the AR.

Almost all my friends had the Crager , I never said why I ran AR.