A Brief History of the Aston Martin Vantage


In the pantheon of the cult of Aston Martin, the Vantage name is hallowed. Aston Martin named its most obscure model the Vantage, then, years later, resurrected the label for its most popular car—the one that saved the company. If there’s been any consistency for the moniker, we haven’t found it yet. But the Vantage name has always been closely associated with the rebirth of the brand. In the long and sordid history of Aston Martin, there have been plenty of rebirths. The latest is the debut of an all-new Vantage, set to arrive in customer hands before summer of next year.

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You state the DBS is the first Aston Martin to use the Vantage name, however Hagerty’s own valuation guide indicates a Vantage sub-model as early as the 1963 DB4, and the DB5 and DB6 also have a Vantage sub-model.
Can you clarify this?


@brandon.shriver Yes, we’ve updated the story. The outgoing straight-six DBS in 1972 was renamed Vantage, making it the first Vantage model instead of a sub-model, but not the first use of the name. You’re correct, it started in 1963 with the DB4 Vantage.