A car that has sailed over two oceans


This 73 Duster was delivered to Glenwood Motors, a Plymouth dealership, in Riverside, California. Mr. Stan Franklin received this car the day after Christmas 1972.
Mr. Franklin worked for the Civil Engineering Squadron at March Air Force Base and was later transferred to RAF Upper Heyford, in England, in late 1973.
Mr. Franklin had the Duster shipped from California down the Pacific Ocean, thru the Panama Canal, and across the Atlantic Ocean to the Port of Felixstowe, England. From there it went to RAF Upper Heyford.
I was stationed at RAF Heyford (with the 20th TAC Fighter Wing) where I purchased the car from Mr. Franklin in late 1974. In March of 1977, I shipped the car from England back across the Atlantic to Bayonne, New Jersey. It was then driven to upstate New York where it has spent the last 40 years.
After 28 years in storage, restoration began in October 2014 and was completed in November 2016. The story about the three year restoration is a story of its own. Able to it to car shows now has been a fantastic experience, especially being able to share the history behind this vehicle.