A coast-to-coast guide to Canada’s many dragstrips

Think of Canada, and you probably think of hockey. Makes sense, given that it is the country’s national past time and official winter sport. But Canadians are no less wild about drag racing.

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Toronto Motorsport Park was formally know as Dragway Park Cayuga .
It is located more west of Toronto (Toronto is on the north shore of Lake Ontario) If you travel 70 miles South you end up close to Rochester New York

Great article about Drag Strips here in Canada
It is interesting that the strip in Gimli Manitoba was mentioned as that strip is famous for something quite out of the ordinary other than Drag Racing. Namely having a Boeing 767 that ran out of fuel land safely on the strip long after the it had been abandoned as a runway.
The aircraft then probably recorded the fastest quarter mile speed for the strip when it took off after being repaired.

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Might want to do a bit more research and proof reading before you post stuff like this… Luskville drag is not in Ontario they are located in “Luskville” Quebec… And btw opened since 1969 and celebrating 50 years. Not 40…