A Family Member Comes Home 73 Mustang Convertible

On a hot night in August 1974 my parents bought a car at Ed Morse Chevy in Coral Springs FL. I was 10 but it was “love” at first sight. She was my father’s car, mother’s car, my sister’s car and once my sister left for college me and my friends thought it would be a good idea to start driving her-we were 14 and didn’t have licenses but it was a different time. By the time I was ready to legally drive I painted her black and added Cragars and raised white letter tires. Survived lots of near misses and some encounters with the law. Got me thru college and law school but then she ended up in my parent’s garage and my dad sold her in 1999. I regretted it but forgot for a while. In 2012 lost my Dad and started thinking about his car. Spent 7 years trying to locate her and 2 months ago saw an ad, went to College Park, MD and saw her to confirm. Found paperwork with my Dad’ handwriting. She is home now after 20 years and lots of cool memories with her. Time for us and the next generation to enjoy! She won’t be leaving again-Surreal:)

Awesome story! It is so cool to see it is still the color and condition you let it go in–almost like it never happened. Keep it close and enjoy the miles with that Mustang!

other than the hideous spoiler someone put out nothing has changed!

Glad it has returned home. Great story.