A meeting of beer and Beetles


Last Friday, three of my great friends and I met on the Oregon coast for our annual summertime weekend of tomfoolery. Little did I know that one of my favorite pastimes (drinking beer) would collide squarely with another of my favorite pastimes (old cars). Excuse the pun; this is not a tale of legal woe, but rather of beer and VW Beetles.

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Air Head Parts Treffen 2018 was an incredible event. For about two months leading up to it was a scramble getting my car and two of my friends VW’s ready for the journey. The comradery, the goofiness, and a bit of frustration now and then during long hours in my shop was more than worth all it took to keep our VW’s solid on such a journey. While it was a beautiful and incredible sight seeing 55 air cooled Volkswagens starting out at Ediz Hook in Port Angeles, Washington, it was about more than just our cars. Making new friends, drinking a brew or two and having good food while we all sat and told stories of preparations and foibles along the way makes for life long memories and friends. Yet I will mention it was also a testament for some of us to prove to ourselves how well we did at building and or maintaining our beloved Dubs. This was my second year on Treffen with the first year ending in Astoria for me cause I had just finished building my Military themed Volksrod a month before. This year I went as far as Coos Bay, Oregon finishing with a 837 mile round trip that started in South Hill Puyallup, Washington. Some day I would like to make the entire trip.