A military LMTV could make the perfect overlanding RV

Ten-hut! Our latest Bring a Trailer find is a U.S. military surplus 1998 Stewart & Stevenson Light Medium Tactical Vehicle 1078. Can you imagine rolling into a campground with this beast?

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I have the 5 ton version of this truck. They are great! Caterpillar 3116 turbo diesel, Allison 7 speed automatic transmission, 24V electrical system, except for lights - all are 12V. The tires are monsters and they really will climb anywhere possible. They make a great RTV, hold 85 gallons of diesel and don’t give trouble as long as you put it in good condition when you first get it. I highly recommend any of the Stewart Stevenson models but be sure to go over it and put it in good condition before you put many miles on it.

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