A new Tucker, true to the original, debuts at SEMA


You can't go out and buy a Tucker 48. Not really, at least. First, you’d need to find one of the 47 (depending on how you count) surviving cars, many of which are in museums. When Tuckers do show up for sale, like this one at RM Sotheby’s in January 2017, they go for more than a million dollars. If you’re Rob Ida, however, you can just build one of your own.

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The quality of craftsmanship is excellent, but I wouldn’t call it “true-to-the-original” if they’re using a different motor in a different location.


I would like to know WHY Hagerty goes to all the Trouble to write a great Article and when I would like to share it with Friends there is NO Email icon to do so. And I am NOT interested in using Twitter or Facebook or any of the other Media Methods; just plain old Email.


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@peter.rychel Fair point. The bodywork and the interior, though, is exact.


I believe I met these fellows at Bonneville Speedweek several years ago. I don’t believe they ever took their car out for a timed run, but a Tucker was out on the salt for a photo session and probably some shake down passes away from the course. I spoke to them for several minutes. They were very friendly and answered all the questions my friends and I could think of. I never would have expected to ever see a Tucker at Bonneville. It was a treat.


The picture of the car with wide whitewalls looks fabulous. I seriously do not like the black wheels on the other pictures.