A once-dormant Lotus project gets off the ground floor


I finally took my own advice to get my Lotus Europa project back on track. Last week I described my method of doing one thing a night to restart the long-dormant project, as well as how I finally got the block and other lower-end parts back from the machine shop, allowing me to complete my milestone of setting the block on the engine stand. After removing and tearing the engine down nearly five years ago, the engine assembly began in earnest.

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I’m about three weeks behind you rebuilding my engine. Fortunately waiting for parts isn’t an issue. But you have brought up using Plastigage which I’ve done in the past and will be doing again . My question is this, If you measure and it indicates with fresh stock bearings that you need to resize the crank then what do you do with the unused stock bearing? Return them to the store and reorder the next size? Or just eat the cost and put them up on ebay? What’s the expected behavior these days?


@merlyyn - I can’t speak for Rob, but I have returned bearings if there is no damage or marks from the one time installation for fitment check. I have also held onto them for the next project that I will inevitably do and hope they will be right for that engine.


Given that I have two other motors in line for work I should’ve thought of that :slight_smile: