A people’s history of doing donuts


Doin’ Donuts. Rippin’ Brodies. Cuttin’ Cookies. Wippin’ Sh**ties. Wherever you are and whatever you call it, turning the steering wheel to full lock and spinning your vehicle in a tight circle is one of life’s great joys. Everyone seems to agree on that, even if they can’t agree on what to call it.

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We really ought to push for July 23rd to be declared National Brodie Day, in honor of the day he supposedly jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge. Then we could all have an excuse to pull some Rockfords.


…this is probably the antic that convinced Ganassi to sign the rising star.


Brings back the memory of the power slide in my first snow fall at age 16. Yep, you guessed it, lost control and did a 180 into a parked car. To add insult to injury, it was right in front of my high school. :rage: