A slew of dusty European sports cars lies hidden in muscle car country


Finding old Fords, Chevys, and other American iron in backyards, barns, and garages isn’t hard to do in Michigan, a state that’s been the crucible for generations of car enthusiasts. Discovering old, dusty European cars in the Mitten State, however, isn’t nearly as common. So when Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter met David Korwin and his stash of ragtag Alfa Romeos, he was both excited and intrigued.

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Why do people buy cars then let them rot… I have never understood that.


So many people ask this question but most have never saved a car that no one at the time wanted and saved it from the crusher for so many years.
I am always glad to see that a guy spent money to save a old, unwanted car from death. Problem is that it takes alot of cash to save and protect a old car for 40 years too when the value and collectability starts.
I have saved many my self only to loose seats to coins or lose storage and have to park outside.
Cars like volvos, Opels, Simcas, Austin Helleys, and the old wagons. All, 40 years ago, you could not give them away. Today you cant find junk yards around that saved them. So next time you see a pile of old cars, thank the guy that took the time and money to buy, store, and do his best to save a car every body else would have took the cash from the local scrap guy. R.B.


Should have said COONS damaged seats, darn auto correct. Sorry.


Pretty sure I went to grade school with Dave, anyone know how to get in touch with him. His whole yard was full of old alfa’s and other Italian cars, very cool


Those cars are a collection…a collection of RUST ! Yet another guy who doesn’t know the difference between preserving a car and killing it. Boy Howdy.


To my wife’s annoyance I am a pedant on correct pronunciation. The French car Citroen is See tro een not citron. Citron is a fruit like grapefruit. He got Porsche correct. My British brother-in-law insists on Porch.


People buy them cheap, think they will someday restore them, buy way to many and never get them completed. It’s a shame they rot away.