A soldier on deployment finds his Mustang Boss 302 race car under rodent assault


First off, thank you for your service! Many here have good ideas on how to control rodents. As an insurance agent I just want to add that under no circumstances should anyone assume that when you tell a insurance company that you are putting a car in storage that they know what you mean. Make certain. That you always maintain comprehensive . That is the coverage you need when a car is stored. I only recommend this for long term storage, short term just leave it covered!

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Gives new meaning to the term “rat motor…”


I had a similar problem with rodents getting inside as well as under the hood. I used electronic ultrasonic pest control units. They took care of my problem for good. Another problem I had was moisture (since my truck is parked in a garage without heat or AC (climate controlled) inside my truck and mildew was a problem. I used a product called damp rid and the results were zero mildew. Below are the links for both products.


Lowe’s Home Improvement and Home Depot sell this product but it is cheaper on Amazon. Sometimes Amazon has great prices on 1 gal. size refills because once or twice a year I have to empty out the collected water and replace the moisture absorbing crystals in the cups.


Has anyone tried mothballs? A open box in the trunk, a open box in the interior, and a open box under the hood,placed there when you store it. I’ve never had mice.


Will mothballs work? Maybe. But you have to maintain them. As you must maintain traps. They definitely will not last a winter season, never mind the year plus of a deployment. I once tried mothballs to keep rodents out of the shed my air compressor is in. The rodents threw the mothballs out. So I replaced them. The rodents threw them out again and I again replaced them. This battle continued daily for a week before the rodents gave up and I won. If you use poison (DeCon, etc.) don’t be surprised to find some dead weasels, cats, hawks, or other predators around. The predators eat the dead rodents and the poison is passed on just as effective as it was on the rodents. Mouse sized traps (spring traps or glue traps) will not work on squirrels. You need the larger rat size. Peanut butter makes a good bait.


The remark about cats may seem ridicules to some, but cats were valued as rat killers long before they became pets. Get a “Barn cat” and you will not have a mouse problem. All you will need is a car cover because you know the cat is going to get on top of the car.

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My uncle, Geo Ohr, know for Ojo’s junk yard and vintage cars of Biloxi taught me that a good bar of soap will keep the rodents away. The simple things are the best things. Today, in a world of simpeltons, basic knowledge is lost. I too have his auto genes, and have 20 vintage cars. Irish Spring and Zest are my favorites.


Just quit while you’re ahead…and stick to cars please.


Not all of us were in the service to fight wars. After my time in south east Asia, I spent 9 years in Europe and one in Korea maintaining aircraft as a deterrent to possible wars. We helped keep the cold war cold by being ready to sow destruction if needed. Because we were ready, it wasn’t needed. Msgt USAF (Ret)
PS, Looks like I should check on my Daimler to see if I am harboring some vermin.

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Put moth balls in cut open the box put open boxes on floors and trunk but then you need to air out car but better than mice


So sorry about your Boss 302, been there and had that happen to me also. I have found very few things that are “mouse proof” other than a car jacket or a barn cat. My choice, barn cat! Thank you for your service sir!


I own two cars that are never winter driven, and one, a 1970 Alfa GTV has been in storage for years. I keep moth balls scattered around the concrete floor under the car and some placed strategically in the trunk, engine bay and under the seats. The other, 1994 Supra TT has been stored every October through May using the same method.
Never had a rodent problem … sure some Napthalene smell that gradually dissipates, but no rodent damage, chewed wiring or stench.


Hey there. I own a small business in the NJ/NY market that is specially geared towards removing odor for cabin spaces of vehicles. Restoring them to optimum freshness. Company is called Nuvinair and the treatment takes 15mins. I’d be happy to donate a treatment to see if it can help you out. Let me know and reach out if you’re interested.


Sorry about the Boss and thank you for your service.
My wife and I left for Az. (Snow birds)
We left our 2015 toyota Avalon in the garage , had plenty of these electronic bug, and rodent repellents in that garage.
Came home to a mess. found out later toyotas are called “Mouse Mobiles” , because they are so easy to get into.
After a thorough clean up I discovered on the internet that mice do not like peppermint oil.
I bought some now my sons 64 Pontiac conv. and my 64 skylark conv. get oil treatments , no mice.
I soak a cotton make up swab with peppermint oil , place it a baggy with holes and place them in various areas of the car.
just my 2 cents.



THANKS FOR YUR SERVICE!!! TRY AN OZONE GENERATOR. IT WILL WORK WONDERS. I bought one for under $100 and you can run it in the car with it completely closed up. Then start the car and run the heat/air wide open for at least an hour or so. For the rest, put it in the garage and open hood, trunk, and doors. Run the ozone generator with a fairly strong fan moving the air around the garage. After this, leave everything open for a few minutes to air out. hopefully that will solve the problem completely. We insure a local fire and water restoration company here in VA. If you are anywhere close to Central VA, I am sure they would be glad to help you. You may find a company close to you that can help.


Hi, I work for another insurance company and our research department found a couple of products that may eliminate the rodent odor. One is Zymex Enzyme Cleaner Odor Eradicator and the other is Auto Medicine. Either may eliminate the mice odor and it may take two applications.


One year I stored my classic with no antifreeze in the system. I left the antifreeze in an open drain container on the floor of the front seat. When I opened the car in the spring to my surprise was a drain container full of dead mice…and no damage to the vehicle from the little beggars.


I have heard that Toyota has a wire wrap that is rodent resistant. IIRC it can be purchased at Toyota dealer & applied to existing wiring.


I swear by the electronic pest deterrent ultrasonic devices. Since I installed 24 of these devices in my home, garages, workshop, etc. I have had zero pest problems. Also, I keep Damp Rid (Amazon has this along with refills for much cheaper than Lowe’s Home Improvement) to control moisture in my 1953 Chevy Hot Rod show truck. This eliminates any mildew problems. I also use them in the garage to create a moisture free environment. I also use them in my house along with a dehumidifier because in the south we have moisture problems. I am thinking about adding one in my truck garage. To get rid of the smell, the cheapest way is to use Arm & Hammer Pet Odor Remover. You simply sprinkle it all over the various areas and it will absorb and eliminate the odor. I spilled a gallon of kerosene in the back floor board of one of my cars. My first thought was that I was going to have to replace the carpet and padding. I took the carpet out and did replace the padding. A friend told me about the Arm & Hammer products. I used absorbent paper towels to get all I could up. Then I washed the carpet. The smell was still there. I sprinkled the carpet with the Arm & Hammer product, let it stay overnight, vacuumed it, and repeated the process 3-4 more times. When I finally used up the box of odor remover I did a smell test and there was no kerosene smell whatsoever.


Having had rodent nests on 2 occasions while cars were in storage I was determined to find out which deterrents really worked. I found a simple, cost effective solution that appears to be working - essential oil peppermint. You can buy this at a health food store and you spray some in your cabin filter and blower motor. I also put some under the hood, a bit on the carpets, trunk, etc. It lasts a long time and rodents seem to be repelled by the scent.