A soldier on deployment finds his Mustang Boss 302 race car under rodent assault


Hi, I work for another insurance company and our research department found a couple of products that may eliminate the rodent odor. One is Zymex Enzyme Cleaner Odor Eradicator and the other is Auto Medicine. Either may eliminate the mice odor and it may take two applications.


One year I stored my classic with no antifreeze in the system. I left the antifreeze in an open drain container on the floor of the front seat. When I opened the car in the spring to my surprise was a drain container full of dead mice…and no damage to the vehicle from the little beggars.


I have heard that Toyota has a wire wrap that is rodent resistant. IIRC it can be purchased at Toyota dealer & applied to existing wiring.


I swear by the electronic pest deterrent ultrasonic devices. Since I installed 24 of these devices in my home, garages, workshop, etc. I have had zero pest problems. Also, I keep Damp Rid (Amazon has this along with refills for much cheaper than Lowe’s Home Improvement) to control moisture in my 1953 Chevy Hot Rod show truck. This eliminates any mildew problems. I also use them in the garage to create a moisture free environment. I also use them in my house along with a dehumidifier because in the south we have moisture problems. I am thinking about adding one in my truck garage. To get rid of the smell, the cheapest way is to use Arm & Hammer Pet Odor Remover. You simply sprinkle it all over the various areas and it will absorb and eliminate the odor. I spilled a gallon of kerosene in the back floor board of one of my cars. My first thought was that I was going to have to replace the carpet and padding. I took the carpet out and did replace the padding. A friend told me about the Arm & Hammer products. I used absorbent paper towels to get all I could up. Then I washed the carpet. The smell was still there. I sprinkled the carpet with the Arm & Hammer product, let it stay overnight, vacuumed it, and repeated the process 3-4 more times. When I finally used up the box of odor remover I did a smell test and there was no kerosene smell whatsoever.


Having had rodent nests on 2 occasions while cars were in storage I was determined to find out which deterrents really worked. I found a simple, cost effective solution that appears to be working - essential oil peppermint. You can buy this at a health food store and you spray some in your cabin filter and blower motor. I also put some under the hood, a bit on the carpets, trunk, etc. It lasts a long time and rodents seem to be repelled by the scent.