A Texas gal's Corvette love story


When someone buys a car new, there's usually little expectation that it will someday be regarded as a classic. Then the years pile on, and if the car is still in decent shape, it will most certainly become rarer as time and heavy use take their toll on all the others like it. A sports car—and an iconic one at that—is bound to make an impact as it ages.

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Wow this story really hits home with me. When I was 15 I saw a 1960 Corvette on the street. I would walk by daily and then one day after seeing the car getting dirty and sad a for sale sign went up on it. I didn’t have the money or a licence but knew I had to have this wonderful car. I had $100. saved and my Dad signed for a loan for the additional $1,000. I have owned this car now for 53 years. She is my baby and always will be. I also owned a porshe speedster but was never in love with it. My Car when taken out gets looks, smiles, waves, and people asking what year is that car. I hopefully will never part with it.


61 is actually my favorite year, but I just got my Dad’s 60 which has been in the family since 72 - and i am old enough to remember picking it up. I can appreciate the amenities and power of a new sports car, but even with a three speed, unsynchronized in first, and a very loud interior, the car is an absolute joy.


A 1957 is my favorite year. That beautiful style change coupled with. Duntov’s tweaking the 265 in 56 saved the corvette. I have owned my 63 coupe since 1988 and have always enjoyed it’s stunning lines and performance and people are always admiring it by the thumbs up I get when I take it out and drive it. The 58 through 62. models are beautiful cars also. I miss the different colored concaves on the 56 through 61 vettes as the paint just drew your eyes to the symmetry and the muscular yet elegant curves of those cars.


I bought my 1962 Corvette in 1968, to drive to work. I was tired of all the cars of that era rusting out and looking like junk after two or three years I paid $1800 for it but had to replace the engine a year later, because the original owner ran it pretty hard and it had quite a few dents originating from the inside of the oil pan. I had a friend who worked at a Chevy dealer that was going out of business, and he said there was a new 1964, 327/365HP engine still in the crate upstairs at the dealership, that I could buy for dealer price. They just wanted to get rid of it. So I plunked down my $187 and they delivered it to my house. I still have it today.


Wow…good story. I can relate. Saw my first corvette around 7 or 8 years old. Friend of my parents son had a 1957 red and white insert convertible…that car still in my mind even today. Always wanted one but could not afford one. Over the years kept looking at them, but still too much for my lifestyle.
Financially things got better and last year I found a fair deal on a 1961 convertible…red and white insert. Original 283 engine, transmission etc. Wanting a driver I put air conditioning, power steering, fuel injection, front disc brakes…even a single cd player under front seat. Just recently relocated the gas tank to keep gas fumes out of the cab etc. The previous owner wanted a good home for this car and he knows he found one. At first I wanted a 1962 vette as I graduated from High School then, but I really wanted the 283 engine, 4 speed, white insert, duck tail rear end and the 1961 was exactly what I wanted. Do not plan on selling this one…daughters will inherit it…smile.


I had always wanted a 1962 Corvette(1st year of the 327—i never liked the 283, and last year of the 1st Generation Vet) and in 2006 i finally was able to buy one! I have many other toys in the barns(cars, trucks, 20 motorcycles, 13 snowmobiles, 3 boats, antique tractors, etc., my 1957 t-bird was totaled a couple of summers ago and my 1968 Bullitt mustang was on the show Bluebloods a while back) but the 62 corvette is still my favorite toy!