Abandoned Cosworth Vega

In looking through a Rene Bates Auction site I came across an abandoned Cosworth Vega in McKinney, TX which is north/east of Dallas. Currently (July 1, 2019) the there is only the starting bid of $100. It’s only listed as a 76 Vega which piqued my interest but in looking at the pictures I identified it as having a Cosworth engine and the VIN 1V7706U234816 confirmed it. It is in rough condition but mostly complete. If you’re a Cosworth Vega fan this might be for you. I thought about it, but at 300 miles away, it isn’t something want to spend a day picking up but don’t want to see it going to a crusher. I’m providing a link and the online auction ends July 11 and hope a car guy buys it. I’ll be keeping tabs on the auction and if no bids at closing date I might buy it to keep that from happening then probably list it for sale. I’m sure there’s a profit in that but mainly the car would live on.

The Vega sold for $110. Hope whoever bought it will restore it and not junk it out.

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