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Barn finds are the automotive equivalent of buried treasure, but also vestiges of an automotive life not lived. And they come in all forms, from cars preserved in showroom new condition to decrepit relics ready for a careful restoration. Our own Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter, never seems to run out of new places to discover forgotten collectibles. And there are even more leads he can’t chase down. That’s where you come in. Use this space to share your stories of that Shelby Cobra at the end of the rainbow.

Its a convertible been there for years work has restarted searching for a 259 inline

Been around for years

Sleeping in the shed; covered in warm blankets; filled with moth balls; surrounded by mouse traps; holding all my extra stuff exactly where I want it; the '68 Camaro Convertible hibernates! (For Sale)DSC02202|690x388

MY one and only Barn find was recently made into a diecast to by Johnny Lightning. The company that makes Johnny Lightning is here in South Bend, IN and I know the guys that design the toys. This was my third VW made into diecast.

My “Barn Finds” have actually been in a garage for the past 20+ years. They were all driven into that garage by my father. We’re selling them on an online auction. We have a '40 Packard 120 Convertible Sedan, '49 Plymouth Woody, '55 Ford Fairlane, and 3 Edsels, one from each year made. Here is a link to the auction where you can see pictures.

https://bid.atterberryauction.com/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/20038/Preview day is April 1st in Concordia MO and the auction ends April 2nd. Please share this link with all your friends. If the pickup day is a problem just notify me and we can make other arrangements.

There are also lots of car parts and magazines. There are many Motor Trend, Ford Times, Thunderbird, Cadillac, and Chevy Friends magazines. Here’s an opportunity to get a bunch of magazines very cheap and resell them. There are no bids on many lots.

Here is my 1927 Model T. Pulled out of a red barn where it’s been since 1973. All original. k

Got 3 vehicles - been mothballed in a garge for about 15+ yrs. What’s the best way to try and value them - looking to help owner sell them and don’t want to get taken so trying to educate myself. 3 vehicles are: ‘77 Pontiac Grand Prix - 2 door, T-top, 8 cylinder, black

‘67 Chevy Chevelle - 2 door, 8 cylinder, grey

‘67 Ford Meteor - convertible, 8 cylinder, blue
any suggestions how to tackle the issue? Thanks