Abused Cadillac comes back to haunt me


Year 1974, 21 one year old college kid purchases a ragged 1962 Cadillac convertible, silver with red leather buckets and a white top, 41076 miles broken odometer for $375 plus tax and license. I put the leaking top down day one and never put it back up. Living in Southern California, who needs a top? It was my beach cruiser and when it rained i drilled holes in the floor board to drain. In its two years with me I painted the front end chrome yellow trying to learn how to paint. Finally with a new marriage and home i needed to off the car. Over the previous year i had painted it with can after can of gray primer, hiding the chrome yellow and the faded silver paint. I donated it to a church auction and said goodbye. Fast forward a few more years; I had a Mercury Monterey convertible for sale (i now loved and took care of cars) and a man named Stan showed up to look at it driving a diamond silver with red leather and black top 62 Cad convertible. He told me the story of how he purchased it at an auction and restored it. Telling me of how much primer he had to strip and he’d like to meet the son of a ____ that painted all that primer on it. He said he stripped it from front to back and he said you’ll never guess what color the son of a ____ painted the front end. I looked inside and saw red bucket seats and read the 41076 mileage on the clock (the black top had thrown me). I looked at Stan and said two words “chrome yellow”! He asked how I knew, and i replied “I’m the son of a _____ you wanted to meet.” Stan passed away a few years later and his wife contacted me and said Stan wanted me to have first shot at buying the car but I had to sign a statement that I would never paint it chrome yellow!


You had me laughing out loud!! Great story. (I just submitted “First Time Paint Job”)…


Funny how your past can haunt you. Well did you buy it back?


Hahaha! This is great! Thanks for sharing @caddieron!


Wonderful story! I assume you did buy it back?


Great story. My first Caddie was a 1969 Deville convertible I got from the original family for $500 in 1982. Drove it for years as my daily driver. It is pretty faded now, but still love driving with the top down. like you the top has not been up in years.


I did not buy it back. I had purchased a one owner 48,000 mile white 68 cadillac eldorado which i still own today and there was only one garage space and i couldnt bear putting either in the So. Cal. sun.


When I was 16 I purchased a ‘67 coupe deville, blue on blue with a white top from my best friends dad, who had purchased it some years earlier from a retired physician. This was in ‘78 and the car was in bad need of an exterior cosmetic refurbishment as well as some minor deferred mechanical maintenance.
I had saved money for years and now was the time to start spending it. $500 for the car, around $300 for a classy Earl Scheib’s paint job complete with spray on imitation vinyl top and another $125 for new tires and shocks. The cruiser of my dreams, pretty much anyway, was now complete! I loved that car. I had a particular spot at school that I deemed safe to park my baby and she was always a hit at the drive in theater!