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Every so often a car manufacturer builds a car so out of its normal range that the whole automotive world stops to stare at it. Such was the case with the Acura NSX.

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Currently on my third 1st gen NSX and contemplating purchasing a 2017 .Any thoughts on where the values will be heading in the next year or two as there was much controversy on the cars price being too high from the onset . Thanks


Hey @dunwurian- You bring up a good question about modern vehicles and reaching that collector status. I think @ColinComer really hit the nail on the head with the thread regarding C7 Corvette values when he said-
“ What this means for collectibility of the 2019 C7 will remain to be seen. With rare exceptions, such as the 2005-2006 Ford GT, it typically takes decades before an “instant collectible” truly becomes collectible, or not.“

I think we could apply this thought to the NSX also. One or two years is going to be a pretty short sight when it comes to thinking of values appreciating on these vehicles.