Adam Carolla - Paul Newman Race Cars


Adam Carolla has made several names for himself over his 25-year career in Hollywood: television and radio host, comedian, best-selling author, podcast pioneer, filmmaker, and race car driver. In recent years, the latter two roles have come together in the form of a pair of documentaries that delve into iconic—but underexplored—stories from the racing world, specifically Paul Newman’s life as a championship-winning driver and the legendary battles between Ford and Ferrari for victory at Le Mans in the 1960s.

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Really good story on Carolla and his Newman ‘obsession’. But dont fall asleep on Matt ‘Motorator’ D’Andria or filmmaker Nate Adams. These two have amazing stories as well.

Look for their stories coming soon on Fascination Street Podcast.


My Paul Newman story: when we owned an 87 Buick Grand National, a fellow GN owner told us this story…he was at his local Buick dealer having service on his GN, he noticed, among the line of Buicks to be serviced, a Volvo station wagon with the hood up. The GN owner asked if he could look at the Volvo. Absolutely not, he was told, but as he was leaving he took a quick peek under the hood and spotted the unmistakable profile of the twin-turbo, 3.8 liter GNX engine stuffed into the Volvo’s engine bay. Two days later, the same Volvo station wagon was spotted on the long driveway to Paul Newman’s estate.


My story. We were at an SCCA National at Lime Rock in the late 60’s. I was pitting for a friend with an AS Z-28. Newman was pitted nearby with his TR6 (the ex-Tulius car I believe). As he often was, he was alone, probably having driven the race car from his nearby home (yes, he did that a lot, and nobody ever stopped him). During the practice sessions, I looked up and saw PLN pushing the Triumph back to his pit. A couple of us jumped up and helped him push it in. He mumbled something about people asking for autographs but nobody helps “push the damn car”. Anyway, he thanked us and we went back to our car.

After the races were over, here comes Newman with a six-pack of Buds. He thanked us again and chatted for a few minutes before everybody got back to packing up to leave. Interestingly, it is was strictly forbidden to have alcohol in the pits. Just having it in your possession, not drinking, was enough to cost you a year’s suspension. But nobody would say a word to him. And rightly so. Great guy.


Adam should try to get Paul Newman’s Triumph TR 6. Even though I own a Triumph TR4A. I liked the look of the TR6’s when used for racing better than the TR4’s.


You can see the wagon in Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” series
with guest Dave Letterman who had some overheating issues with it! Great sleeper, though!


No 8 .Skip Panzarella and Paul Newman. Secret Experimental Silicone 50 from Dow was given to me to test, threw GM, this is how I met PL and got the old Tullius TR-6 to win the 1976 SCCA D/Prod Championship, at the CSPRRC for Paul.
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