Affordable Fun Cars - Cars Under Five Grand


Some people have a spare five figures in the bank for that old Corvette or Porsche they’ve always wanted, but not everyone. Some of us have rent, kids’ tuition, dreaded student loans, or all three to worry about, with little left to spare. For car people, though, living on a tight budget makes finding a fun weekend car tough. The good news is that even though the classic car market has appreciated significantly over the past few years, there are still plenty of exciting, usable classics out there for the price of a 10-year-old Honda Civic. Following are some great options.

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Why would anyone start an article with one of the worst cars of all time? The TR7 was completely abysmal in every way; unless you enjoy burning money, skip this lemon. Jesus, after reading this section I thought the writer would recommend the Chevy Vega and Fiat Strada too!


@recklesssand - The TR7 certainly has a reputation, but a well maintained and cared for example becomes the exception to the joke in most cases. Like any Triumph (or small British car for that matter) they can be quit the headache, but once sorted they are quite delightful.


I’ve had my’80 TR-7 convertible since new. While it has had some issues along the way, the ones built later in the model’s life (79 and later) like mine are pretty well built, I’m about ready to drop some more $$ into mine to bring it up to a number 2.


The best Corrado engine is the g60, as you can see here: http://www.vwsyncro.eu/p/g60-vs-vr6.html

The best Corrado is the Passat Syncro g60, as you can see here: http://www.vwsyncro.eu/p/blog-page_72.html

The Syncro Heresy