After unleashing my Lotus Europa in the wild, I just can’t get enough

Not quite two years ago, in one of the stories I wrote in my ongoing series about my 1974 Lotus Europa Twin-Cam Special, I referred to “the Europa in the wild,” a twin-cam car just like mine that I happened to see on I-81 while I was driving my ’72 BMW 2002tii to an event in Asheville, North Carolina. Well, “just like mine” except that mine had been sitting dead in my garage ever since I’d bought it four years prior, and this one was running and out on the open road looking impossibly low and angular, and the driver was smiling and giving me the thumbs-up like he was livin’ the dream. Seeing that spurred me to do the heavy lifting required to restart my long-stalled Lotus project.

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Yay, Rob!

I know exactly how you feel. It took an 8-week thrash to get my '85 Supra “done enough” to be safe, and her maiden trip was from L.A. to Vegas for the “Supras in Vegas” event.

Congrats, and enjoy your Europa…you earned it!

  • Jim

You have figured out why driving a Europa is such an amazing experience. I drive my Europa for an hour to go to the corner store, always with a big smile on my face. Once sorted they are dependable, I’m almost there!

Great ending to the first(?) chapter.

But if you never sold that 911 you could have done many thousands of trouble free miles ! I’m sure nobody wants to hear that, and I’m guessing the LOG has a real sense of comraderie rising out of shared experiences at the side of the road. The average 911 owners drive would tilt toward the Top Gear road rules of leaving the fallen behind to fend for themselves.